Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Gaia: After the turbulence

Have you ever cried so hard that the pain shook you to your core?  So hard it left you utterly spent when the tears finally ceased?  And how did you feel?  Exhausted? Lighter?  Purged?  Freer?

Recently, I thought to tune into the storm-torn areas of Gaia, just as an experiment really; to see if I could sense anything.  I received a very clear message. 

It was as if Gaia had cried her heart out through the rain and the wind; she let out some of the harrowing pain she suffers, to this day, as a result of our thoughtlessness about our precious planet. 

There was a sense of deep release, of clarity and freedom mixed with profound compassion for all the beings who had suffered as a result of this release.  She has more compassion for our pain than we do for hers. 

When I consider how we ravage nature, test bombs, drill for oil and gas, and dump nuclear waste, to mention just a few of humanity's thoughtless actions, it is no surprise that our planet is in pain. 

The patience it must take to be Home for humanity!  We could learn everything from Gaia.

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