Friday 29 May 2009


There are often times when I wonder 'how do we make the world better?' After years of mulling this over, I have come to a painful, yet liberating, conclusion: the solution is really to make myself a better person...

That involves more work than changing the world, I've come to realise. I could get frustrated, give up and go for a drink when the world got too much: I never have that luxury when I'm frustrated with myself!

So this blog is about the mud of life - my life really - and how I try to finesse it a little, to make my character more compassionate, more forgiving, and perhaps more radiant. And (oh, the vanity of it!) hopefully, this 'finessing' will be a small contribution to making the world a slightly better place by having one less angry, frustrated, craby personality on board.

In essence, I hope to turn the mud of my life into something that has beauty and grace, eventhough it's covered in the mud that splashes through most lives... The mundane, the ordinary is all miraculous when we see it in a wide enough context. And this is my attempt to view my life in a wider context...

You're very welcome to come along for the ride!