Tuesday 22 September 2020

Xiaera: Stuctures and systems are crumbling

 Remaining walls of ruined abandoned building 

J: Hello Xiaera!  This channel has been a few days in the making, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

X: Blessings of love to all with whom these words resonate, and to all beyond.  We are very pleased to be back in communication after your consolidation period.

J: Yes, I was wondering where everyone went!  Communication just dried up!

X: We did not go anywhere!  You, however, like many on Earth at present, are consolidating enormous amounts of light, rapidly changing DNA structures and pineal gland decalcification; that needed time to become embedded.

J: I don't feel any different!  

X: It will emerge!  What happens on higher planes takes time to trickle into physical sight: but that does not mean it is not there.  

J: Which links very elegantly to what I know you wish to discuss today!

X: Indeed!  It will not come as news to anyone reading these channels and others like them, that the structures and systems on the planet are changing.  Rapidly.  We wish to convey that although you may not see obvious, massive cracks within the political realms or within the banking and finance sector, that does not mean that they are intact.

The opposite is true; for those who seek to control you, the walls are crumbling.  

They feel that everything is about to fall in on them and there is no escape: being stuck on a sinking submarine would be a good analogy.  You can imagine the claustrophobia and desperation this would induce.  It creates such an internal pressure cooker that many are having internal 'splits', psychotic breaks, which are resulting in desperate acts to regain their position.

But the cracks are there; soon these systems and structures, which you may describe as hierarchical, are about to crumble.  This does not mean chaos and devastation.  Those who are of the light have worked tirelessly to make this transition as seamless as possible and, with the ever higher vibration on Earth, several more challenging potential timelines no longer exist for you, you have evolved beyond them spiritually.

This process will be rather 'stop:start'.  There will be some big announcements which result in great changes, these will have some time to embed, and then there will be more changes.  

This is a process.  

It is not a 'one night wonder', where you wake up tomorrow and the golden times are upon you. 

This is a process.  

You grow and expand your compassion and forgiveness with each new revelation and each new leap.  You reconceptualise the structures of power - whether they are politics, finance, religion, ethnicity, education - because everything, everything, will be changing over the next decade.  

Some changes will swoop in unexpectedly and create some degree of psychic shock among those who are still sleeping, in order to assist in their awakening.  Much of it will be more gradual.

Gradual does not mean slow.  

Re-organising the structures of your planet in such a short time frame will be an enormous undertaking and an exceptionally satisfying one for you, as you begin to remember why you came and how you wanted to share your gifts.

I do not converse with you because I am paid to do so.  Nor do you accept these conversations because you are paid for them.  We create them in mutual joy, in the immense satisfaction that comes from sharing our talents and fulfilling our soul destinies.  

Fulfilling our souls destiny is the reward, the purpose and the path.

J: Yes, that's a really good thought!  We are both doing this because of the sheer joy that comes from connecting and sharing.  

So, what new structures and systems will come into place?

X: There will be much flatter organisational principles in operation moving forward.  There will still be some macro-structures, but they will be almost fractal-like, reflecting the needs and beliefs of those they serve, born of their conscious consciousness, created to liberate and expand, not to diminish or depreciate.  

The days of hierarchy are almost past. Flat not tall, giving back not taking, local not remote, flowing not rigid, cooperative and collaborative not coercive, nourishing not depleting ... these are directions your new structures and systems will move towards.  As generosity and compassion increase, you will evolve new ways to organise together for the purpose of mutual benefit and upliftment.

There are already positive templates in place, structures and systems that can be grafted into the old structures, to support various aspects of life during the immediate transition, then more organic, reflective means of organisation can evolve.

J: I'm not sure if you said it or if I thought it, I don't want to read back while we are in the flow, but I'm getting the idea that a decade is the amount of time this process will take.

X: Yes, the most probable timeline is a decade of rebuilding.  In that time, you will also open up to contact with us and our assistance with some of the more challenging aspects of your 'clean up' process, such as radioactive waste, for example.

J: But you're helping, not doing it.

X: Yes. That is it precisely.  We are here to assist.  You have all chosen to incarnate now so that you could do it.  That is the reason you are here.  You created the energetic surge to bring this ascension process into being; now you are remodeling all that you have rightfully reclaimed.

J: That's great.  Thank you.  Any final words?

X: It is all within you.  It will become increasingly clear as you embed your upgrades and the energy increases; soon you will remember what you wished to bring forth in this time.  

In the meantime, follow your hunches, continue to know that love - in its infinite variations - is the building block of New Earth.

J: Wonderful.  Thank you so much.

X: It is always our pleasure to collaborate with all of you of the light.

Monday 7 September 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Hang on to your hats!

Photo Of Pineapple Wearing Black Aviator Style Sunglasses And Party HatJ: Hello, my dear Ashian - well, this is a surprise!  You don’t normally give me a title!  There doesn’t seem to be an intuitive on the planet who doesn’t think that the next four months are going to be an exceptional rollercoaster ride, yet you seem to be taking it lightly!

A: Dear Jennifer, you are not wrong!   

Consider this: have you ever had an ache or pain that would not go away?  The more you fixated on it, the bigger and more powerful it became.  If you were to continue down this path, one would find the pain would grow, your body would distort to accommodate it, then it would become calcified into your bones: it would become you.

J: Although not in such an extreme way, I know what you’re talking about.

A: Well, the next four months are going to be intense.  Already there are millions of light hearts around the world unconsciously stiffening, bracing themselves for the onslaught.  That act of stiffening, of tensing, is incorporating the tension: in-corp-orating: bringing into the body. 

It is not yours. It is not yours to hold. 

You, all light workers, are here to pass through this, not to hold it; to go lightly, not to trudge.

Now, this is not to say that we think you need to be flippant, or foolish.  We are saying that there is great relief, great nurturing to be found in lightness, in passing through rather than incorporating … in noticing the humour in life rather than living in the pain, sorrow and regret.  Pass through those stages, but don’t choose to live there, to become those emotions.

You may experience many, many emotions, but do not devour them, do not eat them.  They are poison being released.  The antidote to dark poison is lightness.  Become aware of the emotions, name them if you wish, or draw them, or dance them, or sing them… let them express so they may leave your body.

Then, incorporate lightness wherever you may find it.  You are light workers, light is your essence, light resonates within you, light radiates from you.   Make the light your home.  Let your heart return to lightness as often as you can … be light-hearted. 

To be light-hearted, is not to diminish the pain and suffering of millennia, it is to honour it and show the pathway forward towards the light, so that those who were previously unaware do not drown in their own grief, betrayal, anger, shock…

Being light-hearted, being light of heart, allows you the space for compassion, for deep listening, for forgiveness, for non-judgement.  

That is why you came here, our beloved brothers and sisters of the galaxies.  You are reading this, because this is your purpose.  You are reading this because this is your truth.  Practice finding light-heartedness now.

J: I know some people may feel that this is all terribly disrespectful and that light-heartedness is utterly the wrong focus for this moment, but could I add in my own thought here?

A: But of course, we are in partnership.

J: I read about this, perhaps it was you or someone else – sorry I don’t remember: my memory is shot! – and I noticed, when I was overwhelmed with shock, I watched suspense programmes to almost numb myself to my own feelings, and I would go to bed heavy, wound up ... not in a good place. 

Then I made a decision to watch some comedy, even if for only for ten minutes before bed, so that I could laugh.  I found it hugely helpful, because the laughter actually seemed to melt much of the tension in my body, it relaxed me for a better night’s sleep.  It actually does work!

A: This is exactly what we mean!  Perfect, perfect, perfect!  Music, comedy ... uplifting activities of any kind will dissolve the chemicals released by stress, and reprogramme your hormonal template to a design more of the light than the dark.

We would suggest that there are many humans who are here to trudge through the coming revelations; your job is to shine the light, like light houses, to remind them of the truth and the glory of their divinity, so that they never loose sight of that, even when in the mire. 

So be in the light, be of the light; use love, use generosity, use compassion, use humour, use all the tools of your light box, to return to your baseline, your ‘home’ vibration of the light.  Then you teach others, through your example, how to rediscover their divinity, their Light.

J: Brilliant!  Thank you.  I really like that.  I’m not sure if it came through as I typed, but I clearly understood that you’re not saying we won’t be knocked sideways, you’re saying that we don’t need to live there.  Feel it and then release it, blessing all involved with love, compassion, healing… 

A: Exactly!  That is precisely what we mean.  You will be knocked, but surf the wave, rather than get towed under by it.

J: Do you surf much?!

A:  We have seen it!  It does look fun!

J: I’ve just realised, you managed to finish on a humour note!

A: How strange!

J: Thank you.  Love and blessings from all of us who read your words.

A: It is our pleasure.  We are always with you all.