Tuesday 25 June 2019

Ashian: You are almost there

Ashian: Greetings, it is Ashian, and I am so happy to come here this day.  

There are many who are struggling and looking to the skies for a window of home, a window of hope, a little inspiration that the changes we describe are really happening and that all truly is well with your world, in the middle of the mess and disintegration of the old system.

We wish you to know that all is truly in hand.  You are all greatly loved, and this final purging is for the benefit of those who have resisted to the last, those how have been reluctant to step forward on their paths.   

They are being offered a final reprieve, a moment to step up and embrace the love that lies hidden within.  But first, they must be willing to also visit the spaces where lovelessness hides, cracks they wish they could forget.  

 If they are willing to see, even a little of the shadow, they will be doing themselves a great service for future lifetimes, even if they choose not to ascend in this lifetime.

Jennifer: Thanks Ashian, I know many are excited to know more about the impending disclosure and delegations.  What can you add to this?

A: We, like you, are very excited that final preparations are in place. 

Many are being prepared, around the globe [for first contact].  The strategy will be for formal and informal meetings, some are more shrouded in discretion than others, because, remember, this is a planetary wise* project. 

Again, the first of its kind, to bring a civilisation from a galactic quarantine to full disclosure in an extremely short period of time.  Indeed, it would not be possible, if it were not for the rising energies of the ascension tsunamis of love, and the dedication of those brave, loving light workers.   

The collective of humanity is both blessed and fortunate that the light worker collective not only fulfilled their soul contracts, but went beyond them to request and work tirelessly for a planetary ascension.  This was never truly considered a likely outcome, and yet here we are.

J: I think Light workers everywhere will be touched to read this.

A: And on to the meetings, the missions, the trips. 

J: Trips?

A: Yes, as a part of the introduction process, two things are required.  The first, is that those whom we meet with trust us as equals.  The second, is that you trust our technology.   There have been many ‘horror sci-fi’ films and stories created to make the idea of our crafts fearful.   

As you know from your visit**, this is not the experience of coming on board at all.  Our crafts are extensions of us, for many of us [galactics], they are as alive and conscious as we are.  For that reason, they too emit love, compassion, nurture and emotional nourishment.  They are not inert, far from it.

And so, coming on board our crafts, experiencing what it is to be welcomed within, by us and our craft, will be a significant part of the… demystification process... for humans.   

You consider your homes inert, though a small fraction of you are aware that they are sentient in the way that rocks are also sentient.  Coming on board our crafts will prove to be an uplifting, expansive and regenerative experience for all who choose to visit us.

It will, obviously, begin with a small number, but that will rapidly increase as disclosure unfolds. 

It will unfold very rapidly, once we enter the final phase.

J: What is the final phase?

A: It is physical sightings, widely reported and complemented by one-to-one meetings, delegation meetings…

Yes!  I feel you asking me about timing and then remembering it is about vibration!  The vibration level required is being met, but it has to stabilise.  That is the important component, the stabilisation of the required vibrationary level.  You are almost there sweet one.  You are all almost there.  Or here!

J: Thanks Ashian!

* 'wise' seems to have been purposefully used, not 'wide' as I had expected.
** Ashian is referring to when he and I 'co-existed', I had the opportunity to walk into his craft which was landed on this planet but shielded, so I could only perceive it through my third eye.

Thursday 20 June 2019

Sananda: Eden is inside you


Greetings beloved hearts, I am Sananda, also known as Joshua* and Jeshua, or Yeshi as some of you call me.   

And the name matters not, except that it helps you to ‘locate’ yourself with reference to the information, but the message is always the same.   

We seek to uplift you, to inspire you, to keep your courageous hearts aflame with the desire, the motivation and the energy to continue in this work, for we understand well that it is draining.

When it was approaching the end of my time on earth, I knew that the energy was increasing, it was quickening, events started to happen faster (by our standards then!) and I started to see that the same people were coming back to hear me, time and again.  

In the beginning, there were many new faces, people who came to check me out, to decide if I was truly mad, or if I was worth listening to.  By the end, there was a group of nearly one thousand, who would come and listen.  But they did more than listen, they drank in the words and the meaning of the words, because it fed their souls, which were parched and starved of water, like a cool spring.

As you will notice, there are similarities in your end of times too.  You are starting to see that others who may have dismissed you, are coming back into your world, listening to you with a new willingness.   

The seeds that you have planted, not just through your words, but through your actions, and the very essence of who you are, are starting to sprout.  

Each light worker and love holder, even if you think you are under the radar, is of vital importance in clearing, harmonising and lifting the vibration of the area they are in and everyone they encounter.  

You are following on my work, whether you know it or not.  The seeds that I planted are now blossoming into trees through You.  And now your seeds, are also beginning to sprout.  Soon Gaia will be returned to Eden.

Eden, the garden of paradise, is a state of mind, or more precisely, a level of vibration, an emotional experience of love, peace, joy, harmony.  I invite you now, to begin practicing living in Eden, by focusing on your inner world: your inner peace, love, joy and harmony.  The outer world will come to reflect that, and you will not have to wait as long as me to see that manifest!

First inside, then outside.  Those in shadows would have you believe, and have almost successfully trained you to believe, that you must get before you can give, you must see before you can be.  No!  This is not of the light and it is not truth.  

Be then see.   

Give then get.   

I’m not advocating recklessness, but boldness, audaciousness, courage… believe inside, let your heart dance freely in the traffic jam, doing the washing up… let your heart dance.  If you heart doesn’t feel like dancing, then cuddle it closely and lavish it with my divine flow of energy.  Soon it will be ready to dance!

The glad tidings are that the time is truly almost upon us.  The more strongly you are grounded in peace, love and joy inside – in the face of all that happens around you – the faster the end times will come. It will also make the transition easier for you, for you will have mastered that which you came to experience.

My beloveds, we are in this together, and I am walking with you every moment.  When you tire, call me and I will immediately become apparent to you.

Thank you for your great love and service to All That Is.

*This came as a surprise to me and I don't know if it's true or not.  On checking, I discovered that God called on Joshua to lead the Israelite across the River Jordan after Moses's death.  
Apparently the names Joshua and Jesus both have their roots in the name Yeshua.

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Cmdr Ashian: One-to-one meetings, on the ground, on your ground

Jessica Lewis, Pexels
Jennifer: Hi Ashian!  There’s a lot being said about delegations and immanent viewings, meetings and all sorts of exciting things!  I wondered if you wished to say anything on the subject.

Ashian: Hello dear heart!  We are delighted to align with you this day.  Yes there is an enormous amount of energy going into the disclosure project at present and it is creating excitement both on planet and off planet.

Now let me share with you some of the details.  The disclosure … well, it is not a disclosure to everyone, it is more of an introduction, face to face, for many of you.  This will occur in a multi-faceted way.  

There are millions of ships here, some are the size of planets, and some are very much smaller.  Some will coordinate larger scale, formal introductions and some will be much … softer, gentler… one-to-one meetings, on the ground, on your ground, so that you may see us and interact with us and understand that we are, in so many ways, just like you. 

It is perhaps the latter that is most interesting to you, because this is how the vast majority of the populace will have their first experiences with us.  Not through the more formalised ‘high level’ delegations, but by being in the ‘right place at the right time’. 

In this way, many, many of you will be meeting with many, many of us.  This will, inevitably, be caught on camera by others and soon there will be a whole spate of videos showing humans and Galactic’s meeting peacefully, lovingly and joyfully. 

This will happen so quickly, that it will be impossible to deny the truth of it and claim that they are hoax videos.  Now, by quickly, I don’t mean in a few hours!  It will start slowly enough, and then build up speed.

We are very, very close to the point where the resonance of humanity matchs the welcome resonance, the vibrational level where humanity’s light quotient is so high it assures us of a welcome and not a gun.

J: Wow!  That’s rather a lot more than I was suspecting you would say!

Ashian: Sometimes we can surprise you!

J: So I know you measure vibration not time, but…!

A: No!  I would not even dare!  What I would say is that right now, every good thought counts.  Every kind deed counts.  Every wrong forgiven counts.  These are subtle times, when you have enormous power and all action through the light has a magnified impact.  By owning and using this power – power with – you are bringing that vibration closer moment by moment.

J: So our thoughts, actions and intentions count?

A: Now more than ever.  We leave you with our love.  We are never far from you, indeed you might be surprised to know just how close we are to you all, so never fear that you are alone.

J: Thank you.  Is there anything you want to add in conclusion?

A: We are done!  This is enough to digest in this moment!

J: Thanks!  Blessings to you all

A: And to all of you.