Thursday 19 January 2012

Why 'there' is no better than here

Have you ever thought that life will be better when you're richer, slimer, younger, older, single, married, employed, not working...?  That over there is better than right here?  I have.  But there's a flaw in that idea.

There is a saying that goes something like, 'no matter where you go, there you are'?  I often think that somewhere else will be better, that I'll live life better when I'm 'there'.  But I fogot to notice, the essence of there, is here.  At the most obvious level, the word 'there' relies of 'here'. 

If I can't find happiness with who I am now, how do I think that will change one fine day?  If I can't find some happiness and peace in a small home, why would I find it in a bigger home?  If I am not at peace with my money now, why do I imagine I will be at peace when I have more of it to concern me?

Over there, the hills also have weeds, ant hills, and cow dung.  Just like they do here.  Noticing the grass here, the wild flowers growing here seems like a more realistic pathway to happiness than hoping for some future moment that may never arrive.

I can't wish away life, waiting for change, because that's wishing away my life.  I often forget that, but at times I remember to appreciate the present.