Thursday 16 August 2018

Channel 9: Amana from Lemuria

With Graciousness, I come forward to you, sweet Jennifer, to exchange and intertwine our energies in a conscious way.  I am Amana, your Lemurian experience self.  I am so pleased that you have reached out to me.  My role in that time was as a priestess, a keeper of truth and wisdom, a person who facilitated forgiveness by helping illuminate the misunderstanding beneath every action that was not completely aligned with love.  For we were a loving vibration, but we were not perfect towards the end.  

With Graciousness, I come forward to you, sweet Jennifer, to exchange and intertwine our energies in a conscious way.  I am Amana, your Lemurian experience self.  I am so pleased that you have reached out to me.  My role in that time was as a priestess, a keeper of truth and wisdom, a person who facilitated forgiveness by helping illuminate the misunderstanding beneath every action that was not completely aligned with love.  For we were a loving
We were more like 5D humans, more of higher vibration, but not perfection.  We did so enjoy the perfection of beauty all around us, in the arts, in nature, in music and chanting, in dance.   We lived with beauty woven through us and around us.  

It was as important to us as your social media is to people in your time.  It was our medium of expression and expansion, collectively and personally.  Your social media has something of a similar potential, but right now it is infiltrated with too much negativity.  That will not last, but for now it is best to limit one’s exposure and to focus on only seeing and sending that which is in love, light and divine truth.   For that is how we are recreating the planet, one vibration at a time, but as a symphony not a solo.

You are surprised that the Lemurians are also working on the Ascension!  How can we not?!  We are in parallel existence to you, not previous existence.  And what uplifts you will uplift us too.  It will ripple much further than humans currently comprehend.  And we are helping you all, or all who wish to participate in the subtle realms, which will soon because much more visible to you, especially those of you who are bridges, the lightworkers of many kinds and talents.

And we say to you this day, use your talents.  Not lest you be punished for wasting them, but because the use of them brings you joy, opens doorways in your mind, portals in energy transmission that serve to uplift you and all humanity.  Nothing you do is ever to or for yourself.  All are affected.  

Talents are doorways to expression and expansion, for all.  They call forth new expressions of truth.  New experiences of reality, that help you to grow and expand your subtle senses, your subtle knowings…

You are ever closer to the falling of the veils.  They write of seven veils, the last is now so thin, so gossamer, that it is transparent to many of you already.  It is in the process of falling.  Have patience with those who are locked into the old world of fear and pain.  Their fear is such they resent the release of it, for it is a comfortable straightjacket because it is familiar.  

Sweetest child, you and I mean all light workers and love holders, are expanding so rapidly, so exquisitely that we are in awe of the harmonious energetics that you emit in this … may I say … dance of ascension.  It is exquisite, delicate work where the love is emitted, wraps around the pain and fear, and then softly melts it without the pain and fear ever realising that they are in its presence, so no alarm is raised, no danger is felt, fear and pain feel only a soothing healing, a completion that they too yearned for but were never able to experience, not for all their grasping.

The coming realisation will restore your [humanity’s] power and self-confidence.  And with that must come also compassion, forgiveness and patience.  That is why we work so much on the heart, on love in all its forms and facets, all its virtues and values.  For the heart needs to be aligned for all else to flow in place smoothly and for the highest good.

Sunday 12 August 2018

Channel 7: Loving our [imperfect] bodies

Hello my beloved sweet one.  

Me: I am so blessed to be here talking to you today.

The blessing is ours too.  We are all in the enteral dance of the divine, there is not one who is more or less blessed, be they of the Cabal or an Ascended Master.  The love the Father/Mother/One is freely flowing through all, even though some may not realise and some may try to pinch that flow closed.

Dear Child, where would you wish to begin today.

Me: Well, firstly thank you and may I confirm who this is please.

It is the Magdalena.

Me: Oh.  Thank you.  I’m looking for help.  It’s a bit embarrassing.  I am scared of aging, of getting lines, of my body changing – I’m nearly 50 and it’s a big change that upsets me more than I would like to say and I wish I could feel more peace in this.

You have come to the right woman!  I too have known the challenges of womanhood, though they were very different in my day!  But this is what I should say to thee.  Focus on love.  Love for your sweet self and for the blessed vessel in which you are carrying your spirit, your divine spark.  You know that the purity of that spark is what makes beauty, regardless of age.  Yes, one day it will disappear, but until that day, you have chosen your body to learn some very specific lessons, to come into a new level or physical relationship, to learn to look below the surface.  You do this with others, often exceedingly well, but I invite you to got that deep with yourself.  Learn to love your imperfections, for that is the essence of the human challenge.  Finding a way to be in balance with all that is seemingly beyond perfection.  Perfection is, in this density, very relative.  So, allow it to be as it is.  You will not change a single thing by pushing against What Is, but you will learn a great day by letting go of a mental construct, an idea, that is imprisoning you. 

And it is meant to.  Beauty, youth and skinniness were never so prized by any other culture.  Looking always with critical eyes as your sweet self is debilitating and that is really the point of planting and growing that idea.  If you wish to be a spiritual revolutionary, get radical about loving yourself.  Just as you are.  Get radical about loving others, just as they are.  Each of you has chosen the perfect vessel for your journey, for your lessons… fighting it deflects you from loving it, from loving the wisdom of the Higher self that made this decision, it constricts the expansion that is possible for you when you free yourself from this outdated, atrophying straitjacket of self-judgement and, so often, self-hatred.

Me: I see what you’re saying but how?  How do I truly go there because I have the same ideas as you mention, but I need something radically practical to get there.  

Love everything, every critique.  Love is the quantum power, as we are always telling you.  You, and I mean you as humans, dismiss the power of love because you’re only beginning to understand the quantum power of love as a force for change and a force for good.  

Choose one aspect of your physical form that challenges you, and love it.  Every day, whenever you remember, send love to that aspect of yourself.  Every time you notice a judgement, a critique, a fear arising within, send love to that judgement, critique, fear.  If you don’t feel you can muster love, ask me to love it for you.  

Ask any of us to love any challenge you face personally, on a continuous basis, and we will gladly role model love for you.  We will, literally, melt you with our love.  Try this for one week, and then check in and see how you feel about that aspect of yourself.  Your idea to rate how you feel about it out of ten before and after the process is indeed a practical suggestion!  Though I am sure you feel me laughing within at the fear, the need for proof, outcomes, something tangible with which to measure the magnificently intangible!

Me: Thank you.

Go, literally, with my love.  For I am you, and you are me.  We are all one in the perfection of divine love.  The only difference is that I am consciously aware of it, and you are rapidly moving to that divine moment of awakening to your quantum love self.

Me: Oh!  When?!

Patience, but it is occurring.  There are great changes happening in each of your energies to prepare you, to pave the way, for the moment of the great awakening to who you truly are.  So be patient precious child, it is not coming, it is already here, it is already in progress, it is simply at a more subtle phase at present, but you will all realise this very soon.

Me: What may we do to bring this divine explosion of love closer?

Ahhh…. You feel my smile, don’t you!  Yes, you are correct, precious child.  Love.  Continue being the stream of violet love that you radiate.  All love sent, whether to yourself or others, increases the wave.  Love is the vehicle for transmutation.  Love is the way, the direction, the ingredient and the outcome.  There is more achieved with a single moment of love, than a lifetime of worry.  Or work.  Or going to the gym.  

Cultivate love.  Grow love in every look, every sound, every word.  Not perfection… but come from the intention to be loving in all moments and you will find that love will express itself in the perfect way.  The more accomplished you become, the more deeply transformative, the more powerful your love will be.  

Simple isn’t easy!  But love is nothing, if not simple.  It is every question, and every answer.  It is every breath and every death.  In all ways, there is only love.

And with that encouragement, to be loving: radically, frequently, deeply, joyfully, lightly, loving.  You are all love and we honour the beauty of each manifestation of love that is every single ‘you’.

Me: Thank you

An hour later, the following came through…

What I wish to convey to you is the Transcendent Path.  It is not through [wrestling with] your challenges and dilemmas, [that you create change and healing] but a way to melt them by uncovering the fundamental truth beneath each of them: Can I open to love in this situation?

The more you can open to that love, the smoother the pathway becomes.  You begin to realise that each blockage can simply be melted with love, with the patience and love.  

When you all begin to do this in a coordinated manner, en masse – as many of you are already doing with peace meditations – you greatly accelerate the vibration of change, the vibration of love and transcendent solutions to seemingly age-old problems.

Friday 10 August 2018

Channel 6: The Divine Mother on Motherhood

Dear Child, it is I your eternal Mother and I wish to speak to you this day of motherhood.  It is a subject that you, and every mother who has ever gone before you, has found challenging and vexing, as well as inspiring.  And I see you as you grapple, fearing that you do too little to promote independence and too much at the same time.

The exercise of motherhood is an exercise of balance and restraint, of delicacy, for it is like teaching tightrope walking.  Love is the air in which [children] are submerged, engulfed and live within.  However, love itself is not enough to get the most out of the experience of life.  Life is about the refinement of the soul in each great adventure of the body.  It is about learning to know oneself and then reach beyond who you thought you were.

Let me take you, dearest heart, you are working with balance at present.  You are learning that although you can ask for advice, you know it already inside.  Or you can wait for it to come. 
And what is the essence that you wish to convey to a child.  Not that they can be a bully and get what they want, but that they can learn to collaborate for the greater good, that they can care for the planet and others beyond themselves, that sometimes what they think they want, is not in their highest good.  Learning to listen within, to trust the feedback from the universe around you.  These are all good ways to settle into the delicacy of life.  One may charge through it, like a bull in a china shop.  Or one may become aware, noticing the pushes of intuition, synchronicities of life, waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.  This is the delicacy of life.

You worry about your skills, are you doing this?  And beloved one, yes you are.  Indeed, you are doing it to the very best of your ability.  And more nuance is required as children grow older.  Then a mother must pull back a little in relation to the directions we give, waiting to allow them to find their own thoughts, their own ideas and ways of negotiating life.

Let them make mistakes, for indeed nothing is a mistake if it is a learning, if it presents wisdom wearing the disguise of a ‘mis-step’.  Then the mis-step is revealed for what it is: acquired wisdom.  And the mis-step never existed.  It is swoshed away, transformed into wisdom.  As it is with all my children, whether they are children or parents.  

As you look into your life this very day, notice the flow of your day.  Notice where you thought you made a mis-step.  Notice the wisdom that emerged from that.  And if there is no wisdom, allow the pattern of mis-steps to emerge, as they create a pathway to wisdom.  Sometimes ‘mistakes’ are noticed on the last step, sometimes you begin to notice the pathway much earlier, but the wisdom is not yet formed fully enough within for you to grasp it, to make it your own.

Fear not.  There is no grading, there is no judgement.  There is simply the heart-felt desire for you to experience the journey fully, and to grow in your understanding of love in action, through that process.  That is it.  Nothing more.  Life is love in action.  

That is not a ‘command’ to be always loving, for love can be harsh and righteous in some hands.  It is the invitation to come to the sweetness of love within, and to allow that sweetness to flow through you into your children, by your example of sweet love to yourself and all around you – from the planet to the chair.  They will learn this.  They will absorb the respect, the delicacy, the joy of that love.

And this is why we implore all our dear children, young and old, to do what you love.  For therein lies the pathway to your sweetness.  I hear you say you can’t.  But begin, my child, at least begin.  If only with small acts of kindness and love to yourself, throughout your day.  It will soon bring about a tsunami of change, a visceral experience of my tsunami of love.  For the power of love is quantum, not linear.

So, dear mothers, your doubt erodes your love of yourself.  Your fears cause projections and angers.  When you trust, yourself, the universe, All That Is, you are [growing] love and raising children who can raise to the challenge of loving life magnificently.