Tuesday 29 January 2019

How to increase our inner light: a personal experience

A few days ago I had a rather unusual meditation.  At the beginning, I was aware of how heavy and dense my physical body felt, so I chose to focus, as much as I could, on a vision of my Higher Self whom I perceive as extremely light, with an almost ghost-like quality.

Thoughts came and went, and I kept returning my focus to my Higher Self.  Towards the end of the meditation I realised that my body felt much more spacious, lighter and less solid.  As I looked within, I noticed that each cell seemed to have a light inside it.  

I was prompted to ask the lights to expand, and they did.  Then I was prompted to ask each light to shine like a radiant sun, which they did.  

Suddenly my body was filled with light, radiating across the galaxy.  I was told that in this state, healing and upgrades take place with far greater ease.  My body felt alive and regenerated, zinging with energy.  A few hours later, a persistent back ache returned.  I imagined my cells lighting up like little suns, and the ache disappeared immediately.

There are many ways to increase our light in order to further heal our bodies and upgrade our energy: as many ways as there are people.  This is our moment, the moment we knew would come, when we have the power to create the massive changes we seek by beginning within.  

In this new dimension, the subtle nudges of the soul are clearer and easier to notice.  We are each being nudged in a way that is perfectly aligned with our skills and soul journey.  The results we can achieve are nothing short of quantum change across the galaxy.

Note: This isn't a channel, but a personal experience that I thought might be helpful to share.  The more we can combine our ideas and experiences, the faster we can generate enthusiasm, change and, ultimately, Ascension.  With all my love, Jennifer 

Thursday 24 January 2019

Divine Mother: Few beings get to experience what you are about to experience

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

My dear candles of light, opals of divine moonlight,

I bring you good news today.  The light no longer comes from your tiny candles burning alone in the dark.  It is time for the sunshine to illuminate completely your skies and your lives.  

We are in and of a new time; a time of rapid transformation that will make all that went before feel as if it was like trudging up a mountain barefoot.  As indeed it was.

This is the new age, the Golden Age that you have been awaiting.  It is the time for the golden divine light, and the spinning dancing Merkabah, to unleash the quantum power they posses to create rapid transformation.

It will be rapid.  Hold on dearest hearts, my legions of love, for what is about to occur over the next 2-3 months is going to take your breath away.  You will never have imagined that so much change could occur so quickly, that the batting of an eye would bring so much transformation.

You may feel as though you are sitting on the side lines, cheering your team of light ever forwards, yet seeing no goals scored, but soon the landslide victory will unfold for all to see.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were part of the team that brought this never before witnessed transformation to Gaia.  

As the transformation occurs, as the playing field is cleared of those who would disrupt the game, I ask you to remain calm and peaceful.  I ask you to remain centred and compassionate.  I ask you to embody forgiveness, for many will wish to raise their voices, scream their anger, and exact their revenge in the name of justice.

Your next assignment, if you will, is to model compassion and forgiveness.  You have mastered clearing.  You have mastered patience.  You have mastered perseverance.  Help others to master these skills now.  

Illustrate, through your example as much as your words, that the path of love and light is a path of forgiveness.  This is crucial because to fall into the negative energies of revenge, anger, and resentment is to fuel an energy whose time has passed.

The new template cannot exist alongside those lower emotions.  

My beloved ground crew, drawn from all quarters of the multiverse, you came here for this moment, for this opportunity; to create a new template, to mould a new humanity, a new way of being, a new form of existence.  

This is a template that will be followed and copied by other civilisations who are to follow your path.  But they will follow.  You are leading.  

It is an enormous responsibility, and one that you shoulder with infinite grace.  

You have cleared the playing field, now you must devise new rules for the game.  Let them be a reflection of the very best of who you are, of the very highest ideals by which you live, of the greatest examples of divine love in action.  

This is the fun bit!  This is the creation party!  

This is payback for all that you have endured.  You have a blank slate and you may choose how to fill it; you may choose the tone, the texture, and the shape of it.  It is yours because you have earned it.  

You have arrived at this point because you have raised your frequency to such a level that you are worthy of this great honour, an honour and privilege that few in the multiverse ever experience: the creation of a new civilisation, a new society, and a new template for all life.