Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Archangel Metatron: Play and fun... the fastest way to increase the vibration

Beloved embodiments of divine light,

I am Metatron, and I come today to offer you my violet ran, my violet flame, my violet fire, that it may cleanse and purify the very last vestiges of what holds you back.  You are aching for a new start, a new beginning, a sign that ‘we are off’, that the game has begun.  

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, the game has already begun.  On a board game, is there not preparation work to be done before the players throw the dice?  Do you not lay out the board, distribute counters, agree the rules, organise and deal cards?  That is all an intrinsic part of the process and one without which the game cannot be played.  I invite you to notice that this is where we are in the evolution of Gaia and your sacred journey.

While life may not be viewed as a game by any of you, especially any of you above the age of 8 or 9, I would invite you to see the fun in this life and to treat life as more of game.  Not because I wish to take from the meaning of your experience, but precisely because I want to enhance that experience.  If you can allow a certain lightness, even if only for a few moments in your day, you are elevating your energy.  And when you elevate your energy, you elevate the collective energy.

Take my violet flame, every time you feel overwhelmed, burnt out or fed up, and let the flame dance through those negative emotions.  These emotions only fuel and strengthen the old.  You have moved past the old.  My violet flame will help you to free yourself from old residual patterns of thinking and feeling that keep you locked into the memory of the old.  Don’t relive it.  Don’t relive its pain and heavy energy.  

Let your energy lift.  Do anything that helps you to feel better, to feel more alive, more joyous, more childlike.  This is the sacred path of the Now moment.  

You have done such incredible work breaking new ground and creating a new reality for Gaia and far beyond.  You had to learn the skill of transmuting darkenss to light.  You had to learn to clear yourself of emotional wounds, sometimes inflicted generations before you.  You had to learn to clear up your planet and your bodies.  You had to learn to heal yourself.  You have set about learning these skills with passion and commitment, and sometimes resignation and cheekiness!  Just like 8 year olds learning new subjects!  But you have done it and I salute you for this.

Now is the moment to learn another new skill.  The skill of living life in 4D.  The skill of becoming aware of energy flows, energy streams, and the impact that they have on creating your reality.  You are learning to see with new eyes and to harness the vast potential of manifestation which is your God-given right as a spark of the Divine.  There is nothing of the Divine that is not also yours, for you are God.

The single most important thing you can do for your spiritual development, the onset of the Reval, the demise of the cabal and Ascension of Gaia is … Play.  Yes!  You read correctly: play!  Bringing light, laughter, joy, fizz, sparkle, jokes and delight into your life changes your energy signature; that immediately changes the energy signature of those around you, which in turn uplifts both Gaia and all upon her.

Play!  Have fun!  Notice the fun already in your life.  Children are not waiting to have fun.  Children seize every moment possible to laugh, to play and to delight in life.  That is because they are closer to their divine nature than adults are.  They have not yet been completely worn down by the efforts of the dark.  

Let children be your role models.  Laugh, dance and joke like children; play, laze and daydream like children.  Every moment spent being childlike will do more to raise your vibration than any other practice at this time.

Let the play begin!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Divine Mother: Trust yourself. Trust you life, exactly as it is

I wish to talk to you about trust.  For many of you, my dear children, trust is not a quality that you consider very much in your daily lives.  However, I wish to bring it to the forefront today.  I am asking you to trust me, to trust the Company of Heaven, to trust yourselves and your lives, to trust that you truly are on the right trajectory.

And what does that mean?  Why would it matter?  You can just go on about your day without considering trust and nothing much changes.

Trust matters.  When you trust, when you truly are in alignment with a person, an idea, a philosophy, a plan, a vision, you are able to live with it with confidence and commitment. The energy you bring to it has a stronger vibration than the energy of ‘trust tinged with worry’, ‘trust tinged with fear’, ‘trust tinged with resentment.

When you trust, completely and totally, you free up enormous amounts of energy that can be squandered in doubt, suspicion, fear, worry and anxiety.  That energy is released to be channelled more fruitfully.  

Perhaps you have had the experience where you have doubted someone’s sincerity, you have doubted their words and perhaps even their actions.  It has left you feeling uneasy and a little off balance.  

Everyone has experienced this at one time or another, whether with a partner, a family member, a friend or a neighbour.  You recognise the uncertainty of that feeling.  And you recognise how that lack of trust destabilizes you, how it brings you down, how it makes you feel less than your best self, perhaps it even distracts you as you worry over it.

Now think about someone whose integrity you trust above all others; someone whose word is their bond, whose actions are aligned with all they say and believe.  Notice the difference in your body as you think about this person.  Notice the ease and freedom in your mind as you think about this person.  Notice the lifting in your mood and emotional body, as you think about that person.

This is why trust is so very liberating.  Trust sets you free to be your very best self.  On every level.
I am asking you to trust me, to trust the Company of Heaven and to trust yourself.  Trust the life you are living, however it is manifesting before you eyes in this moment.  Can you trust that it is truly perfect?  That it is showing you everything you wished to learn, everything you wished to accept and everything you wished to forgive?  I’m inviting you to leave behind the worry, fear and anxiety of the old order.

Yes, I know you still have to work, pay bills, raise children, and tend to the ill and the elderly.  There are a million tasks calling for your attention every day.  How would you approach these tasks differently if you were trust that this seeming imperfection is truly perfect?

The underlying fear that you have made mistakes, that you are ‘repaying karma’, that somehow if you were truly living a ‘spiritual life’, your life would be easy and perfect.  This is simply not the case.  I’m inviting you to trust that the seemingly imperfect is truly perfect.  It is exactly as you and I planned it.  

Distrust with your lives is an outdated mime.  It’s an old programme that I am inviting you to release because it keeps you trapped in dense, 3D emotions that bind you and my beautiful planet.  

If you can have the courage to trust, to make the decision to view every aspect of you life as imperfectly perfect, you will free up energy that will uplift and sustain you while you live your lives; while you raise children, pay the bills, do what is required of you and finding meaning and purpose.  

I tell you most solemnly, the meaning and purpose of your life is to trust that the seeming imperfect is truly perfect. Then you are free.  Free to love yourself: just as you are. Free to love what is: just as it is.

Ask me to help you.  

“Mother, I Trust.”

That’s all it takes. When doubts arises, when trust is diluted, come back to me again.

“Mother, I Trust.”

For some of you it will be seamless.  For others, it may require patience and practice.  Some of my children have chosen to create the super spiritual highway that flies along.  Others have chosen to create the paths that those following behind will tread.  Whether it is fast or slow, trust the process.

As I Trust You.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Divine Mother: In this new year, I walk alongside you

Good morning, my beloved children, on this the day of the Epiphany, when the three Wise Men visited my son, Yeshi, and anointed Him.  This was a special day for His father and I, because it was when we began to discuss more openly with each other who our new born might be and what His role in the world might be.  We were surprised to realise how similar our intuitions for Him were, and we were both aware that our first born would be a man of great import to the world.  

We were both aligned on how to bring Him up, and the values we felt it was important that He embody.  We knew that at some point, His journey would change from a private figure to a public figure, but on that day of the visit, we did not fully grasp all that this meant.

Embodying the Christ energy in this dense world is not easy and those who embody it are often hunted as much as they are revered.  

My precious children, on this day of anointment, I turn to you with the love of a Divine mother and anoint you in my sacred love, fuelling you for your Christ energy journey in the year to come.
On this day every year, the Christ energy in all beings, however minimal it may be, is cleansed, almost as if it is given a spring clean, and fortified.  It is blessed and you are blessed, so that the radiance of your true divinity may be amplified as it shines forth.  The day of the Epiphany is rather like a day of intense spiritual spring cleaning!  

The hosts of angels and the Company of Heaven, combine to blow away the dust of all the no longer serves each precious child, so that you may start the year in a clearer frame of mind and a more radiant state of being.  It is the end of a period of festivity, but it ends on the highest note, with the most sacred gifts we can give you: cleansing, purifying, amplifying your divine Christ self.

Never doubt that it is within you, or that it is not visible to the Divine eye, for every person is gifted with this inner Divine light.  Your journey through the year, and through life, is to become more aware of it, to allow it to guide you rather you forcing a path for yourself.

That is why we encourage you to meditate, because it reconnects you with the Divine within, the knowing within, the Christ within.  Its gentle, loving embrace and subtle knowing can guide you through life, a life where Being comes before Doing.  Where Being informs what is done.

There were so many times in my life as Yeshi’s mother that Josef and I did not know what to do next, how to guide Him or respond to something new that He had observed, that we had to become very dependent on Being.  We were often required to go within and connect with that Divine light within, so that our intuition, our Divine Mind, could gently reveal a hint of an answer.  It was just a subtle hint, nothing loud but a quiet idea floating at the back of our minds.  Then we would have the first step on the next path.

You and I are the same, my beloved children, the opportunities I had I have offered to you.  I know the path can be wearing, and that you can wish you could give up – riding a donkey when in labour was one such moment for me!  But keep coming back to me.  Keep going within and asking for peace, for inspiration, for fortitude, for patience, for healing, for love.  I have it all to share freely with you.

My beloved children, on this very special day, this day that marks the beginning of a new spiritual year, I embrace you as you set off on your next journey.  I will walk by your side for the next year, as I always do, and I ask only that you let me share your journey with you.  Tell me your joys, share your woes, ask me your questions.  I am here, journeying alongside you.  Always and forever.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Divine Mother: The time to awaken in the new dawn is now.

My precious children,

I wish to bring you news of great delight.  The beginning of the end is past.  The end of the end has also passed you by.  You are at the beginning of a great period of deep acceleration and passionate articulation of your divine truth and essence.  

You have come of age.  You are now charged with stepping forward, in whatever way brings you joy and pleasure, in what ever way makes your soul sing and your heart feel lighter.

My children, the new age has dawned.  It is here and very soon there will be some highly significant markers that no one will be able to ignore or down play.  You are of the hour.  You are in the moment.

Strive not, nor resist.  I ask you to be with the energies, as you feel them, at this time.  Allow them to flow through you, for they will do the work.  You have worked valiantly and tirelessly to clear all that you can.  There is still much to be cleared, but so many of you, my precious light workers, have earned dispensations, have earned the right to have the energy of previous generations, ancestors on and off planet, dissolved by the Energy of Divine Love.  

It is said that as you take one step towards the Divine, the Divine takes ten steps towards you.  This is so, for which parent among you (and you have all had lifetimes of parenthood) would not do the same, when unburdened of the fear and pain that has tortured society for so long.

That torture is ending.  There is no need for it now.  That energy can no longer be sustained and within a decade you will see that it has disappeared entirely.  As if it were nothing but a bad dream.

The time to awaken in the new dawn is now.  And I, your Divine Mother, reach out to you, with a welcoming hug, as you open your eyes to the new Dawn of a new reality.

You are my love.