Friday 29 January 2010

As it is inside, so it is outside

In response to yesterday's blog, Roger sent me this observation:

"I saw a television documentary recently about the Delta region of Nigeria where young children are attacked and even killed because locals believe they are witches or wizards who have brought bad luck to the family or the community. Local witch doctors offer expensive and dangerous exorcisms and, when one was challenged by the programme's interviewer, she said it was only what happens in Harry Potter ..."

What is striking is this is exactly what happened with the Bible* too: it has been systematically used and interpreted by people who wish to prove their own ideas.

We really do see life through the lens of our ideas and thoughts, we use what we see around us to justify what we do, what we say and how we think; regardless of whether that was the intention of the author, in this case, or not.

It's rather like money: money is not good or bad, it simply shows us a person's inner self. The way we use it shows what we value, where our interets lie and how we see the world. Is there confidence that there is enough to go around, or is there never enough?

The same is true for anything in life, whether it's money, literature, ink blots or art. We see on the outside what we are on the inside. We cannot do otherwise. The world truly is a mirror of the thoughts, values and beliefs of each and every one of us.

The important thing is to keep a distinction between how something is used and its own intrinsic nature, which is ultimately neutral. I see Harry Potter as a symbol of the deeper potential within everyone, and the aforementioned witch doctors saw it as something else. They are both reflections of our world view and beliefs, nothing more or less.

From that point of view, it can be interesting to see what we are showing the world about who we are and what we believe. It is equally interesting to observe what others are telling us about what they value and what they believe.

* May I please note, this is an observation and not meant to imply that Harry Potter is equivalent to the Bible.
** If you haven't looked at this photo the last time I used it, take a second look at the t-shirt in the mirror.

Thursday 28 January 2010

Why our dreams matter

I was talking to a colleague at lunch yesterday and he made a really good point: he said that Star Wars gave an entire generation of young men a framework in which to understand the concept of energy and of the power of the mind, through the 'force'.

He used to be a conventional business man, with little interest in energy and the power of the mind. It just didn't impact on his daily life. He was interested in business. However, towards the beginning of the millenium he began to hear some distant rumblings, people talking about Reiki, energy and, more laterally, the Law of Attraction... And the reason it began to make sense for him was because he could see how it slotted into the Star Wars philosophy - he had a framework in which he could understand that the mind has greater power, knowing and ability than had previously been assumed.

What struck me was importance of George Lucas following his dream, both in terms of making the film and in terms of the film's story. However far-fetched it may have been at the time, his dream helped millions begin to understand the world in a more subtle, metaphysical way.

Equally, the same is true for Harry Potter, which inspires children - young and old alike! - to believe that, within them, is a more powerful aspect of themselves. What better parallel for a Higher Self, a Wise Soul, a Divine Spark, could there be?

What would have happened if Lucas had said, 'No, it's too big an idea?', if Rowlings had said, 'I should get a 'proper' job?' How much power would society be without their unique contributions?

Our dreams are never wasted. However large or small they appear to us, our dreams are the signposts to our purpose and to our legacy. They show us where our unique talents lie hidden.

Our dreams are gifts to the world as much as they are gifts to ourselves.

Monday 25 January 2010

Coming into the light

I commented in my last post about the creation of 'personal hells' among many people I know and got some feedback that this was, in fact, true for others. Of the people I know who went through such personal hellish experiences, they have succeeded in their 'trials by fire'.

I've become aware that, after going through that period, people around me seem to be doing quite significant 'clear outs'. Getting rid of the junk they were holding on to; in most cases, we only hold on to what no longer serves us because we are afraid. Afraid that we won't have what we need, when we need it. Afraid that the universe will not provide. Afraid that, once we release something, we will never be able to replace it.

The opposite it true. As we become clearer about who we truly are and what we deeply desire, we are able to release more and more clutter from our lives. We are able to discern what still serves us, either because it is useful or its beauty uplifts us. The old saying is true, 'The more we know, the less we need.'

Here at Chateau Crokaert - I'm thinking positively! - we're decluttering too. I LOVE getting rid of stuff because it clears the energy and opens the way for new opportunities to come to me. It feels like a brisk walk on a frosty morning: exhilerating even if I'm a tad reluctant at first!

In a similar vein, here's something that came to me earlier; I hope it inspires and uplifts you.

"You are emerging from your pupa dear butterfly... and life's joys are about to be yours again. Savour these last moments in the shadowlands as they are your final preparation for your flight to joyous freedom. All that you imagine is possible. There are no mistakes in your day dreams, they are the seeds of your greatness, of your destiny. So trust your dreams and open to them, that is all that is required to make radical changes. The universe knows who you are and where your joy is. Follow your joy and the universe will meet you more than half way. Your success is assured."

Thursday 7 January 2010

We apologise for this interuption...

We're off to Belgium for a week so that Dirk can finally have time off to celebrate Christmas. That means I'll be away from computers!

I hope you have an inspirational week and I'll talk with you when I get back!

Embedding our inner wisdom

There is a theme emerging around me, so I thought I'd write a short note about.

I have noticed that people are finding themselves in quite difficult situations, in situations that are similar to their idea of hell, to greater or lesser degrees, at present. It's popped up a couple of times in my life - and that's just since the New Year!

So I meditated on this to find out what is going on here. My understanding is this: These are situations that we have tailor-made to see if we can are able to sustain our higher vibrations (chiefly a positive, heart-centred openness and up-beat attitude) regardless of what is happening in our lives.

It seems to me that these are little microcosym experiments, to help us see how well we have been able to embed the changes that have occured within us as we move from the third to the fifth dimension.

The changes I am referring to are the ability to come from our hearts even when we feel apprehensive, to be open when we would rather hide away, to be up-beat when we would rather moan, and to accept a situation rather than wish it were something different. These are changes that are happening subtly across humanity as we are being encouraged, at a soul level, to leave behind the cynicism, anger, greed and self-righteousness that has dominated the human psyche for several hundred years.

Nor do we have to be alone in all this. I've been having bad dreams for the past few nights (I woke myself and Dirk up screaming last night!). So I decided to meditate on it this morning. What was the reason? It soon came to me: 'you don't ask for help in your dreams. Ask for help.' As you know by now, I'm a massive fan of angels and, having seen all that they have done to help me, I could kick myself for forgetting that basic lesson! There's always help available to us. We just have to ask!

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Butterflies in Inland Revenue

Every nationality has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the more beautiful gifts for being Irish is that we inherit a sense that we are one with nature. I spent years in Irish language classes reading about characters who could speak to animals, or where animals suddenly started talking to the main character out of no where! That romantic spirit, where the impossible is possible and where nature is part of our psyche lives on within me to this day. Though you've probably noticed that by now! Which leads me to today's thought...

Anyone who is self-employed knows this time of year: tax payment time! As Stuart once said to me, "the bigger your tax bill, the better! Because it means you're earning more!" What a joyful way of looking at it.

I was thinking about this idea this morning and when a rather amusing idea crossed my mind - imagine if each pound was a butterfly! A symbol of beauty and transformation. Imagine how the staff member who receives my cheque would feel to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, sent with love and joy. What a difference that would make... !

So many people resent paying tax that I feel great empathy for those who work in Inland Revenue, as they are on the recieving end of so much unconscious resentment.

I'm now looking forward to sending them hundreds of beautiful butterflies!

Tuesday 5 January 2010

What I'm reading

Peter, my brother, was passing through a bookshop in Ireland before Christmas when this book 'lept' out at him for me! Although I wasn't convinced it was for me when I saw the cover, I quickly changed my opinion. Angels of Divine Light by Aidan Storey is an inspiring book.

With the ability to see and communicate with his angels from childhood, his story gave me a rare insight into another world. I believe we all have angels, but believing is so very different from seeing, speaking, experiencing and knowing.

Reading Aidan's story I was deeply touched by the simplicity, wisdom and love that flows from his angels. They are constantly there to help, guide, advise, comfort, console and heal. If his angels do that for him, then ours are most definitely doing that for us too. Reading this book increased my commitment to connecting to my own angels. How amazing! We are never alone and we can even develop our ability to connect with our own angels.

Alongside the potency of his angels' advice and teaching, another other outstanding feature of this book is Aidan's character: every page is infused with his gentleness, honesty, humility and genuine desire to help others. I found him utterly inspiring.

In brief, his story describes his journey from being abused by brothers in a Christian Brothers' school as a child - which left him with crippling self-esteem issues - through his own healing and forgiveness of those brothers to his slow acceptance that he is a healer who can help others.

This book is such a gift to Irish society at this moment; this is a time when the Church is under severe pressure - for the very reasons Aidan describes so vividly. He provides hope as he shows that the essence of spirituality innate in everyone and does not have to be accessed through a church. He speaks of a compassionate divine source that is not mediated through the church, but that embraces us daily through the love of our own angels, who are increasingly making contact with us in small ways, ranging from coins to fluffy white feathers found in unexpected places.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you have any curiosity about angels, start with Angels of Divine Light.

And thank you, Peter, for a Perfect present.

Monday 4 January 2010

The tree that hugged me back

Welcome to a new year and, as the cliché goes, a 'new you'; but what may be a more appropriate aspiration is a Fuller You. By this I mean expanding into the greatest version of who we are: more of our talents, passions, joys and delights; focusing on creation not critique; on forgiveness not betrayal; on kindness rather than being right...

As part of this, I decided to expand what I talk about in this blog. Alongside exploring how our everyday lives are the food for our spiritual journey - the divine in the mundane – I would like to share my journey as someone who is experiencing the expansion of my consciousness, the move from five senses to six senses.

By that I mean that I'd like to share some of my stories because my experiences of the world can be a little different from those of others. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the ability to be sensitive, to pick up on wisdom and knowledge (just like we do when we have moments of inspiration) but most of us have had it crushed out of us through well-meaning, if misguided, schools, families, friends and workplaces. I hope that by sharing my journey of psychic re-awakening with you that I may take some of the fear out of the concept and infuse it with the joy, fun, delight and sharing that is at the heart of all wisdom.

And it for this reason I share the following story with you... those who are renowned for 'having your feet firmly planted on the ground' either tighten those belts and braces or look away now!!

Over the Christmas holiday I read a book that reminded me that all parts of nature are guided and guarded by their own spirits - elves, angels, seraphims - and that every plant has its own spirit. I believe that every animal has a spirit, but why stop there? Why shouldn't every living thing have a spirit of some form?

The author said that it would be most respectful to trees if we warned them that we were cutting them down so that their soul/spirit could remove itself in advance and spare itself the pain of being cut down.

I thought of all the forests cut down for Christmas and the amount of pain that must have caused...

On Christmas Eve I was helping Mum and she asked me to get some holly from the garden. It was -4C outside so time was of the essence as I brilliantly went out without a jacket! As I ran towards the tree I sent a prayer to the tree, "I'm coming out to get a branch with some leaves, please leave that branch quickly and thank you for sharing with me." How would the tree know which branch? I don't know! I decided to leave that to higher powers to sort out; I was just doing my end of it!

I plucked the branch and turned to run inside. What happened next was quite astounding. As clear as day I heard a voice in my mind say, with some delight, "Oh thank you so much for thinking of me and telling me!" And with that, came the distinct feeling of being given a hug. As I have a romantic Celtic spirit, I put it down to the love and gratitude of the tree's spirit wrapping around me.

The 'voice' was also remarkable because I could almost feel the 'character' behind the voice: an older character with a bubbly sense of delight and impishness. Not quite the character I would have ascribed to a Holly Tree!

As I said at the beginning, for most of us, our openness to the world beyond our five senses has been limited, mostly through fear. I've been blessed with some sixth sense experiences and, by sharing them here, I hope that I will help dispel some of the fear that surrounds the infinite mystery of life. For me, these experiences are the logical progression when we accept that spirit, divinity, God, flows through all creation and not just humans.