Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Event

I wanted to share this with you, as I really rate Narendra's perspective.

There is so much wonderful, inspirational information out there about the Event, take what inspires you and leave the rest.

Always remembering, that there is, ultimately, only love <3

Monday 24 September 2018

12. Ar-I-el from Inner Earth. A Compassionate society creates a compassionate civilisation

Hello dear ones, it is good to communicate again with you.  We wish to bring forth a message of hope and resilience, as we see that many of you are feeling down-trodden and overwhelmed by the current events both geopolitically and personally, and it is the latter that can be most damaging and deflating. 

As you see your friends and family fall out and apart, as all that has been hidden - from themselves as much as others - comes to the surface, many of our beloved lightworkers and love holders are feeling the emotional and psychic fallout of this cleansing process. 

You may call on us at any time and we will come forth to help cleanse and sustain you.  We can wash you clean of the debris and also heal you, comfort and uplift you.

As you suggest there is much emotional and psychic shrapnel around at this time, and though it is of the old, of the past and - very soon - no longer to be even real in your civilisation, it can still hurt.  We do advise you to protect yourself, or to imagine yourself being washed clean with a shower of white light each night and morning, upon going to rest and rising. 

Let it wash through you, not just over you, clearing all debris from all atoms of your being, from the subtler aspects of your being.  This helps to realign you to the highest frequencies and increase your energetic baseline in a way that is natural, harmonious and almost imperceptible.

But do not doubt, just because you feel that nothing is changing or moving, that vast changes are not taking place, both behind the scenes and in front of them, for those who have the eyes to see.  The turmoil that increases, that so many fears marks the end of the world, the disintegration of society is, in a way, just that.  The end of life as you know it.

And that is to be welcomed and blessed because, dearest sisters and brothers, you have been in bondage for far too long, and we have ached to see the depravities to which you have been subjected.  Just as now we are overjoyed by the coming energy influxes that are to lift you, that are already lifting you, cleansing you and opening you to higher possibilities … quantum leaps beyond what you have heretofore thought possible.

My gentle brothers and sisters, it is with a glad heart that I announce that you are doing so beautifully, magnificently.  Those who understand what it is to have a human life understand that this has indeed been a herculean challenge.  One to which you have risen and in that rising up to fulfil your greatest potential, you have expanded not only ourselves, your earth but also your galaxy, because the ascension of the whole galaxy begins with Gaia, it begins here.  It begins so long ago.  And it begins with you.  Yes, you.  You who are reading this at this moment.  You gentle soul, who are loving with as much compassion, as much forgiveness and as much acceptance as you can in every given moment.

The machine of civilisation as you know it will break.  But this is not to suggested in order to cause fear, but more as a reassurance that the weight that has burdened you, the systems and structures that contained, controlled and upset you, will cease in their current form, very soon after the wave of love sweeps across you.  It cannot be sustained by love, only through fear. 

Right now, the growing love quotient on the planet is causing many cracks to emerge in the structures of your civilisation, from religions to banking, from education to justice, from food production to media, from telecommunications to energy production. 

It will be a sudden ‘snap’ but also an opening that, once revealed, will reassure you and encourage you to move forward, to bring forth your ideas of how life can be more harmonious in every sphere; how structures and systems, where they must exist – for now – can be humanised, so that the preciousness of every soul is considered, rather than the outcomes and statistics. 

A compassionate society, based on love and mutual respect, creates a civilisation of compassion, based on love and mutual respect. One has to mirror the other.

Thursday 13 September 2018

Ariel from Inner Earth: A Coming of Age for Lightworkers and Love Holders

Blue, Green, Orange and Red Rainbow Design Decoration

I am Ariel from the people of the Inner Earth and I am pleased and honoured to be here with you today.

The great slumber that has enveloped your brothers and sisters is soon to end.  However, when they awaken, as they must, it will appear as if to a nightmare, as the truths that are about to made clear and plain to them will shock, and in many cases, horrify them deeply.

I cannot overstate how much gentle care and tenderness your brothers and sisters will require in that transition time, from you who have walked further along the path, you who have awoken – to both life and spirit – a little ahead of them.  Great care must be taken of these fragile and valuable souls as they learn the horrors that were shielded from them, and that they too did not wish to see.

These stories must come out so that the past may be purged and the horrors healed.  And all will be put right, for you will not be left alone to deal with the pain and the sorrow on your own.  You will have much assistance from us and from your light brothers and sisters, both seen and unseen, as well as the heavenly orders.

Indeed, behind the scenes the focus on Gaia, which has been steadily increasing, is now expanding and intensifying exponentially: you are close to the Moment. The Moment when all life on Gaia changes and shifts to a path of consciousness that has not been seen on this beloved planet in millennia.

And so we reach out to you lightworkers and love holders, we ask you to ready yourselves to be that rock, to be that balm, to be the soothing heart, the patient ear and the loving arms in the times of turmoil that are about to come.

It will not last long, and I know that for us long is not as it is for you, but be patient, it is a phase in the healing process that must be endured.  But it is also a coming of age for lightworkers and love holders, for you will be asked to begin your work in earnest, to step forward onto the paths that you chose for yourselves, so that your light may shine and heal those around you, both consciously and unconsciously.

We are all here with you and we are assisting far more than you might imagine, even when you imagine greatly!  Call upon us for advice, for fortitude, for healing and assistance for all of us stand ready to help you in your great Moment of transition.  Consider it to be the moment when the baby’s head has crowned; it is not yet born, there is still effort and pain, but it is the last stage after in a long gestation and a painful labour.  

The end is at hand.  The Light has won.