Tuesday 30 June 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Your well being is crucial now.

Woman Hugging Boy on Field
Archie Binamira

J: Ashian, I am here to today to ask what you wish to share.

A: Beloved Jennifer, it is wonderful to share with you as always.  

We are with you, all of you.  We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are, you would almost not see the sky!

J: Really!

A: Surprisingly, yes.  Vibrations are rising; great, universe-affecting revelations and changes are about to occur.  We are all here, both to witness and to support you. 

J: Can you say more about these revelations and changes.

A: They go to the very heart of your power and economic structures.  All you have been told is false; you have been programmed to believe the lies and not notice the truth.  This is about to end.  The lies are now crumbling, soon to take some crashing blows.

J: Like what?  Dare I ask!

A: My dearest, you may always ask!  We may not always be at liberty to divulge.  When the time is ready, you will see it, know it.  And more information is to follow then.  

Right now, you are in a ‘mini-lull’, a tiny moment of calm.  Regroup.  Recentre.  Use what time you have – for we are aware that this period has brought enormous stress and strain to almost all – to nurture yourselves.  We cannot say this often enough or powerfully enough.

J: We matter!

A: You do.  Each and every one of you.  Your well being determines your vibration.  Your vibration determines the speed and ease of the awakening process currently unfolding on Gaia.
J: So loving and caring for ourselves isn’t… selfish?

A: Nooo.  Not at all; my dearest hearts, each and every one of you, you are more precious to us than you can ever conceive.  Your well being is our paramount focus.  Not just because of the ascension process, but because you Are us.  What happens to you is felt by us too.  

You currently live in a shroud; a veil that prevents you from feeling the interconnection of All That Is.  But how could anything exist outside ALL That Is?   It is, as the reference point implies, ALL That Is.
Your well being increases your compassion and forgiveness for yourselves and others.  That matters at this time because the frequencies of these emotions are what make the difference between riding a formula 1 car or a bicycle.

J: I get the picture!  Self love, self care puts us in the faster, easier ride of a formula 1 car. Can you say more about self care?  What should, or could, it look like?

A: We laugh with your self correction!  There are no shoulds, there are only opportunities for different vibrational pathways.   

Self care is anything that makes you feel more centred in your heart, any practice or hobby that leaves you feeling peaceful, content, and energised… There are no shoulds, for each one of you are unique and exquisite beyond measure, so that which replenishes you will also be unique.

J: You were going to say more about compassion and forgiveness…

Yes, these two emotions are powerful when directed inwards, because almost all of you are maintaining blockages due to the unconscious holding back of forgiveness towards yourselves, for things you have done, said or thought, which – now you are wiser – you would have chosen differently.  

Free yourselves first.  Forgive yourselves first.  Let it be ok that who you were then, is not who you are now.  It shows how far you have traveled on your journey, and the journey of each soul is sacred to All That Is.

J: Goodness, that feels very powerful coming through me.  I hope those who read this channel can experience the enormous wave of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness you are flooding through me as I write.

A: It is not just for you; it is for everyone.  There are no corners to All That Is, no pockets, nooks or crannies where the unconditional love of All That Is refuses to flow; you may refuse to accept it and that is your free will, it is honoured by all of us.  

However, for All That Is, there is no holding back.  There is only the flow of love.  You, each one of you, may stop the flow by blocking forgiveness, but pure love is always there, waiting for you to allow it flow through you.  You are the love and the light.  We are all the love and the light.

We leave you with the guarantee of our deepest compassion for you, you who read these words.  Right where you are.  Right now.  On this in-breath. You are perfection exactly as you are now.  Exactly as you have lived every second of your life to this point.  

Feel the depth of our unconditional love for you, you are worthy of it. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

J: That was very powerful, thank you Ashian.

A: It is always our pleasure to share and expand the love of All That Is.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Xiaera: The Old and the New Age Co-exist

J: Xiaera, I had a realisation the other day.  I read other channels, and indeed everything else, with the hope of getting an insight into the ‘next big thing’.  I realise I do this in part to prepare and somehow protect myself from the shock when it happens and, in part, with the hope that someone, somewhere will have news that the New Age is going to be grounded and here (in the immediate future). 

Channels – ironically, including my own – that focus on love, seem so bland in the face of the intense dramas we are currently living through.

X: Jennifer, I am so pleased that you had this insight, for it gives us the opportunity to clarify much.  Firstly, you are not alone in seeking pre-warning of the social earthquakes that are happening.  I have said previously that you have entered the storm, and this is the truth of your current period. 

Your society has been built on lies and deceit for millennia.  The pain and ‘karma’ that this created has to be cleared in order for the new age to ground and manifest fully.  You would not go to a party in the clothes you use to go gardening; you would not enter a sterile operating room without also cleaning yourself thoroughly.  

The lower energies trapped and suppressed over the millennia within both Gaia and the psyche of humanity, need to emerge, to be seen and accepted, and finally, to be healed.  

Just as you would clean yourself to go to a graduation ceremony, you are now clearing yourselves to attend the graduation of Gaia and humanity.

For this reason, there is pain, violence, illness, lies and distortions emerging from every nook and corner of society, as well as every individual.

Now, and this is the important thing I wish to convey, overlapping with the clearing of the old, is the emergence of the new.  The two ages are coexisting.  The new is emerging in the presence of the old.  It has to, because the new energies are fueling the clearing underway in society and on Gaia.

Both realities exist simultaneously.

You could not clear the calcified energies of the past if you were not fueled by the powerful energies of the new.  That is why nothing changed before now.

So, each human being fluctuates from feeling depressed and helpless to energised and positive, depending on many factors.  The first state of being is the energies of the old, the second state of being is the energies of the new.

You have wondered why all channels continually tell you to self-nurture, to care for yourselves and others, to find every way possible for you to return to feeling love throughout your day; it is because the higher vibrations of love that now flood your planet are the energies of the new age.  

The energy of love is the energy that dissolves the pain, anger and depression created by the old age.
Love is your Excalibur; Love is your magic power; Love is saving humanity.  

We talk incessantly about love because that is how each one of you is transforming Gaia and humanity.

We understand that talk of love is not as exciting as next steps, as revelations and drama, but it is the building block of the new age, the paintbrush of the new age, the theme tune of the new age.

Both the old age and the new age co-exist on Gaia right now.   

The more love you experience, the faster the new age is grounded for humanity, but also for each one of you in your daily lives, right now.  Love really is setting you Free.

J: Thank you Xiaera, that helped clarify a lot in my head.

X: It is truly our pleasure.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Xiaera: You have entered the storm

J: Xiaera, hello and welcome.  What do you wish to share today?

X: Hello Jennifer, it is wonderful to connect.  We bring messages of great light and joy today to all reading this channeling.  You have passed a significant marker in terms of astrological alignment and soul vibration.  All such alignments allow for greater leaps forward.  

Now, a leap forward is not the Reval, or ‘the Event’, or other events that our beloved friends on the ground are looking forward to; indeed, what we see as a leap forward can look like a step backward to many of you.

For us, this means a deepening of the process of visibility, forgiveness and transformation.  The process of detaching from the lies, distortions and poisoning of the past is not a linear one.  As you compassion and heart energy expands, you – both individually and collectively – call forth more to be healed and cleared.  

It is not a process for the feint-hearted, that is why you have to build your emotional grounding, stability and resonance, in order to accept and process the next wave of information.

Acceptance is key.  You cannot forgive what you do not believe in.  Many are choosing to awaken.  Many are choosing to stay asleep; to pretend that life is ‘business as normal’.  As the final stages of your ‘lock down’ progress into ‘opening up’, you will have another wave that will hit you with unexpected strength.  

You know that this is not the first wave, nor will it be the last wave of clearing you will do.  You have entered the storm waters*.  You have committed to crossing this sea.  And you are all, and I do mean All of you, are able for this.

When you feel overwhelmed, call upon the team that works with each of you, to lift you up, to provide you with safety, comfort and compassion.  This will enable you to carry on another day.

All is well.  You are progressing magnificently, and I do not use that word lightly.  Even those of you who doubt yourselves, your energies are far more potent than you could possibly imagine.

J: Thank you Xiaera.  

*My sense of this word was more than the actual word conveys; it seemed to me to be a rather like the 'final chapter', and while there will be huge storms, there will also be moments of calm and peace as we move into the mass clearing of the old age while simultaneously birthing the new age.