Tuesday 28 April 2020

Divine Mother - Love in the Shadows

My dearest children, there is not one of you who has not been deeply hurt.  There is not one of you who is free of the scars of a human lifetime.  

The Earth School has been a brutal learning ground; a place where each one of you has been brought to your knees so that you would be forced to turn within to discover your inner healer, your divine source, your eternally free, pure and liberated Self.

For every victim, there is a transgressor.  For every right taken, for every blow inflicted, for every abuse perpetrated, there was a perpetrator.  The children of mine who perform these actions are among the most bruised and wounded of my children.  

They have sought to hide their pain - from others and themselves - by lashing out, by taking what they seek for themselves, not realising that this leaves them feeling even more hollow and alone than they were before.

You, my dearest children, are deeply loved and cherished by me.  There is nothing I haven’t seen.  There is nothing I haven’t already forgiven.  You are forgiven by me, for I know the agony, the shame and the fear you are trying to bury.   

You are not lost.  

You are not invisible or forgotten.  

You are constantly present in my heart, every minute of every day; in the vast timelessness of Divine Love you are nourished and nurtured within me. 

I sit in vigil, constantly by your side, awaiting the awakening with you, the moment when the fear is finally dissolved, when you can take the pain of the shadow no more and you surrender, crumbling inside as the pain flows through you.  

This is the moment that must occur in every soul journey.  The Turning Point.  The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love. 

You fear that you are too bad, too sinning, too violent to be acceptable and lovable, to be forgiven.  Indeed, your shame may be so great that you fear asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt. 
Turn first to me.  You are already forgiven.  I have seen it all.  I have experienced every moment of it and you are already forgiven.  I have waited for you so long, I have yearned to share my unquestioning, unwavering love with you since forever.

You are now home.  Together, we will heal the fear, the scars of agony that you tried to avoid.  Together we will make good the fear, the pain and the agony that you forced on others.  There is only acceptance here.  

I know your journey intimately.  I knew it before you even began, so nothing is a surprise to me.  Nothing shocks me.  Nothing is beyond my ability to love and heal.  It is all within me.  Everything is Me, both the shadow and the light.

So, come to Me.  Rest in me.  Surrender your pain and shame to Me.  Let me heal you, even when you fear you are unworthy of healing.  

Every child of mine is worthy and deserving of my love, because every single child of mine is a part of me.

Friday 17 April 2020

Divine Mother: To all my children in abusive situations

My blessed, beautiful child, it is easy to believe that you are at fault, that there is something you should have done better or differently.  Yet you could be nowhere other than where you are now, and the person who has to help you first will always be you.  

You are your own hero, but not in the way that you may think.

Violence and abuse are oozing to the surface in ways never anticipated and on a scale never imagined or seen before.  All violence and abuse is born of two factors: the broken heart of a child in this lifetime and experience of violence in previous lives.  These two factors are coming together in ways that were designed for this to manifest in this lifetime.  

The good news is that despite all the pain, this is the moment for breakthroughs, even if you feel that it is the last thing that is possible for you right now.

The meeting point of past life violence and a child’s broken heart in this lifetime create a low energy connection is extremely visible to low vibrational energies and entities.  The energies find these ‘node points’ - people who carry this energetic signature – as the low energy signature matches their low energy.

Imagine a football match with two equal teams; one team is the inner voice of the good that seeks to love and respect others. The other team is the inner voice of the broken, wounded violence, which wants to lash out and hurt others in order to make the intense inner pain they are suffering ease even for just a moment.

When there is no one in the stadium for the match, both teams appear relatively equal.  Now imagine that hundreds low vibration energies and entities come to cheer for the side that is broken.    The teams are no longer even.  The violent team is fuelled by the energy of support, it is glorying in being dominant and powerful.

The other team is crushed by the weight of the opponent; even if the person on the other team it is not a big person, the weight of their energy seems overwhelming.  It feels as though all is lost, as though there is no escape, like a caged animal that is being hurt for pleasure.

This is where I, the Divine Mother, come in; my pure, blessed, sweet child, you are not alone. 
I see you suffer and I feel your pain as clearly as my own pain.  When you are in pain, we both suffer.  You may feel like you are lost, like you are unseen, invisible and unworthy; nothing could be further from the truth.  

And there is a way out, even while you feel you must share a cage with your enemy.  Much violence is caused by these ‘low energy connections’.  Consider a dark room, if you open a door, the light dissolves the darkness; the dark does not absorb the light.  Light is more powerful than darkness.

I will help you bring that light into your dark room.  My prayer is that you turn to me.  You are not alone.  Call on your loving mother who sits with you, cradling you in every moment, most especially when you feel as though you are completely alone and abandoned.

Calling on me is a prayer.  Calling on me is bringing light to the darkness.  Calling on me is bringing supporters to cheer your team in that football match.  As you call upon me, you deepen your prayer and you intensify the light around you, which gradually weakens the darkness.

I am not saying that this will create miracles from the first prayer.  I am saying that you will be building a light force, an energy of light that will become increasingly powerful, helping to give you true inner strength, helping you find courage where you thought you had none, helping you discover peace where you thought it had died, helping you expand compassion and grace beyond the limits of what you imagined.

In ordinary times, the advice is to never stay in an abusive relationship.  Even in ordinary times, that advice can seem impossible to follow; you feel that you have no strength, you fear there is nowhere safe for you to escape, no one who will accept you, and you have no resources to survive.

In this extraordinary times, that advice is even harder to action.  I see many of my dearest children feel utterly trapped and lost, hidden and worthless.  

So I invite you this very moment, in your heart, for you and me alone: talk to me.  Tell me everything in your heart: rage at me, cry at me, hurt me, let it all out.  Let it all out as many times as you want to… repeat yourself as often as you have to… write it out, draw it out, dance it out, sing it out, I don’t mind how you express yourself, I ask only that you communicate with me.  

Then, when you have left it all out, feel your chest expand as my peace and love flood into you.
You have done it!  You have taken the first steps towards bringing in the light; you have opened the door.  Now, let us strengthen the light together.  

You are my physical incarnation; I cannot do this without your physical presence and without your assistance.  

We are on the same team, increasing the light in a room where there was once only darkness.  We will carry on together, because we are one, you and me.  I am you.  You are me.  We are one.  Together, we will nourish your heart and your soul, we will make you feel stronger and more resilient.  We will relight the embers of your hope; hope for yourself, hope for you situation and hope for your loved ones.

We are together in this, let me help you as much as I can, let me strengthen you, so that when the time is right, you will have the self-love to take your life in a new direction, trusting that I will be there with you, helping you every breath of the way.

You are me.  I am You.  We are one.  We are love.

Monday 13 April 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Bless the obstacles, focus on your joy.

This is the moment of the great rising.  The flame that has been smouldering for so long is now about to explode into what will seem like a raging fire to all who have not been aware of, or prepared for, this moment consciously.  

Yet, remember this, that everyone who is here now chose to be here now.  There are no mistakes and such overwhelming care has been taken to do everything in the very highest possible manner, to adhere to the divine principals.  This moment could not have played out otherwise, all things considered.

However, and this is the crucial piece, how you respond determines the future trajectory.  As in all things, if you are optimistic of a good outcome, the outcome is better than if you are scared, apprehensive and angry.  

In one scenario, the energy flows freely, it is of a high vibration, so the outcomes it attracts are free flowing, high vibration outcomes.  In the other scenario, blockages are created, energy stagnates until the pressure builds so much that it explodes.  

Focus on your energy and your joy, blessing the obstacles as they arise. 

We do not ask you to be happy when you are not, we ask you to hope when you feel overwhelmed, to trust that this is the last painful segment of life on earth as you know it.  

Ask for help when the burden feels too much.  Our comfort and love is always by your side, awaiting your blessing, your invitation to swap around you, when your energy dips too low for it to freely vibrate within you.  That is self-mastery.

When you are high, you are a resonant match for our energy, so your energy and ours flow together uninhibited.  When your energy dips, we are no longer resonant with you and have to wait your permission, your invitation, to share energy with you.  That is your free will, deeply honoured throughout the galaxies.

Right now, all is in readiness.  There is much happening behind the scenes about to be revealed.  Consider that this is a cinema showing; everyone is in their seats, the lights are dimming and the curtain is about to be drawn on The Play of The Ages.  

However, and this is the caveat, not everyone knows what play they have chosen to see.  For some the play will be exactly what they imagined, but that is for very few indeed; for most, they will wish they had never decided to come to the cinema to see this film.  

This is the lancing of the boil, the ripping off of the veneer that separated life from reality. 

It will overwhelm their emotional, mental and nervous systems.  But it will not overwhelm them spiritually.  They were born knowing that this was the culmination of hundreds of lifetimes of work.  

You who read these words are lighworkers, you have returned to hold the light of the divine and to provide comfort for the emotionally homeless in the wake of this seeming purge.  

You, brave ones, you are our dearest and our best, you are here to spread comfort, to listen, to listen and to listen some more; to spread forgiveness and compassion.  You are asked to share the understanding that in the 3D drama, there has to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’; and the ‘bad’ have played their role, just as the good have.  

Compassion and forgiveness will be the mark of light workers in these challenging times ahead.

And now a word on self-care… self-care is crucial.  

You cannot help anyone – much less help yourself and loved ones – if you are depleted and exhausted either emotionally or physically.  Just as in an airplane, put on your mask first.  

Make sure you schedule time to be alone, to recharge in whatever way uplifts you; make time for peace and make time for joy, because these emotions are dispersing the collective shock and horror more effectively than you can imagine.  These emotions of light are magnified, we use them as foundation stones which we can amplify and expand.  

Now is the time of the light.  Now is the moment when all that is good and pure and true will be seen for what it is and will be celebrated; now is the time when society will appear to be turned on its head, when all that is not of the light will been seen and will – ultimately – dissolve, and what is left, will be purity, will be the new path.