Tuesday 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas... And thank you

I fly back to Cork tomorrow evening to spend Christmas with my family. One brother and sister in law are still on honeymoon in Thailand and Dirk is working in London, so off home I go!

And I want to take this opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you for journeying with me over the past six months.

I've had a mixture of feedback on this blog, from 'a waste of time' and 'it makes no sense' to 'insightful' and 'clear'. Whichever way the wind blows, I'm going to continue writing because this blog gives me a sense of freedom, of being completely myself. I feel as though I fly when I contribute to it.... it's odd, but true!... this is a deep expression of who I am.

And I am genuinely amazed when people say they read it: so thank you so much. I love writing this even if no one reads it, but when you do read it... Wow, how tremendous is it to share!!

For Christmas and the New Year I wish you this: that blessings may pave your path for the coming year.

Wishing you every blessing your soul desires...

What I'm reading

A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper

I feel as though I'm very blessed in my reading! It seems as though I'm led to each book I read by a magical thread that knows exactly what I need to learn at each moment.

So I thought I'd begin sharing the books I read with you.

I've just read an amazing book, A New Light on Ascension. If you have any interest in the Ascension process, this book is fascinating. It helped me understand a more subtle process that we are involved in as the planet moves through this period of deep cosmic change.

Many of you know I am fascinated by angels and the divine - this book goes into more detail on how we can work with divine beings, including angels and ascended masters. It also explains how we can open up to more of our potential and be of greater service to the planet and humanity.

The chapters include: The Monad, Abundance, Ritual and Ceremony, Reiki and Spiritual Healing and The Power of Your Name.

If this brief overview has piqued your interest, I suggest you check out Diana Cooper's website.

Monday 21 December 2009

Looking back...from the inside out

The end of the year approaches... I didn't create a vision for this year, so it may be a little challenging to see how I have developed... but I still think it is worthwhile to review my year. Who have I become this year? And how do I feel about 'her'?

And we are on the very cusp of a new decade... which begs the question, who will I become in this next decade? I'll be 50 by the end of this decade - a thought that really shocks me!

But more to the point, who have I become in the past decade? It is fair to say that the millenium shook my life inside out. I have been turned inside out, and then outside in, over the past decade. If I were to meet 1999 Jennifer, she wouldn't recognise me. She seems so meek, so gentle... almost as though she's in hibernation, innocent and well intentioned, open and loving... as I look back back at her.

That does beg yet another question! Who do I think I am now? At the most superficial level, I feel as though I stand in my shoes with greater vision, power and self awareness. I have grown into myself. As I move into my forties this year, I do so with a sense of freedom and confidence that are the exquisite fruit of a lifetime's experience.

And you? If you allow your mind to float back over the past decade, who have you become? See what a transformative decade this has been for us all! Do take time to honour what has passed through your experience... to celebrate who you have become... we are our own works of art.

I believe that our lives are our legacy, so what shall we bequeath the coming decade?

And how can we have the most fun possible doing that!!

Visioning for 2010

As we draw to the end of the year, I hear people around my talking about goals for 2010. To be honest, I'm not inspired by goals. They seems to involve so much motivation, so much pushing, so much effort and will. Ugh!

I am going to experiment with visioning, and maybe even a vision board, for 2010. I read somewhere - how I wish I could remember where, perhaps it was Law of Attraction - that goals involve will and are quite 'push' oriented... We work and strive to achieve them.

Visions, on the other hand, are all about allowing, about grace, about feeling inspired by the attraction, the pull towards something - not through ego but as a soul expression of the fullest experience of who we Are. That sounds like fun to me!

So later on today, I'm going to take some time out to explore, to 'feel into', who I would like to be this time next year, what events I would like to experience, the kind of interactions I would like to shape my day, the gifts I would like to share with others...

And then I'll create a vision board of symbols and colours, music and words, that resonate with that inspiration... with the expanded version of who I am becoming...

And if the idea inspires you too, go for it! See who you'd like become, the fullest expression of who you are...

If we can dream it, we have the ability to create it.

Wishing you every blessing in the coming year and the coming decade... and 12 hugs a day!!

Thursday 17 December 2009

Living in balance

Starting a business is an interesting challenge. It's a very creative, high-energy process. It's also intensive and demanding.

The challenge for me is, ‘how do I perform all the tasks I need to and yet stay centred, balanced, light and joyful?’ The temptation to go overboard is there. Or should I say, here!

Yesterday I had an insight. What is my priority in my work? Is it to be busy, stressed, efficient… in short, a good 'worker'?

Scandalous though it may seem to some, I answer a resounding 'No'. I am very clear: my number one priority is to maintain a sense of balance, peace and joy. If I focus on that, everything else at work will flow. And here's the funny thing - so far it has!

I am not putting 'getting the jobs done' at the top of my list. I've put 'feeling consistently great' at the top of the list. And every time I feel myself dip, I stop and take time out, either to read something inspiring, to breathe or simply to become still again. Rebalancing myself quickly and easily is getting easier! And the jobs are getting done.

Who we are is far more important than what we do. If our doing flows from our being, it is in deep harmony with us – then it is effortless and graceful. And full of wonderful synchronicities!

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Beyond complexity is simplicity

At its essence, I believe, that God is simplicity itself.

Indeed, life is simple. We create vast, sprawling dramas out of our lives, possibly because living a simple life is so much harder. It's easier to excuse in-action and over-action by reflecting on others and their roles in our lives: it's an easy distraction from taking authorship of our own lives.

And what if the nugget, the simple kernal of all truth, is this:
Keep it simple, sunshine!

Just be yourself.

Seek what brings you joy and delight - that feeling when your soul dances freely.

Be kind to yourselves.

Be kind to others.

Speak kindly - focus on the good, the light, the beauty.

Bless freely - water, food, trees, other motorists, snowstorms, droughts...

And always keep it simple. The essence of us is the essence of God. The simpler, more honest and more authentic we can be, the closer to God we are.

Simple may not be easy, but being simple is an act of quality, of craftmanship, of beauty. Its integrity inspires all around you.

Simple. Simple.. Simple...

Friday 11 December 2009

simple spirit

This morning I awoke in a lot of pain. I have now learnt enough to know that pain indicates I'm out of alignment; in some way I am not entirely congruent, I'm pushing upstream instead of floating downstream. So I wrote a letter to angels, asking specific questions. Then I set my pen against a clean sheet of paper and waited for the reply...

I'm including some excerpts from the reply because I believe they are true for us all.

"Dear Jennifer,

We strongly urge you not to feel fear as this dilutes your essence. You are taken care of and we have heard your prayers. Trust that everything is in place - that the present is perfect.

The more you honour this moment, the greater alignment you model on this planet and beyond.

So allow yourself ease. Take your time. Your vibration is the most important tool you have. Resounding as clearly and as strongly as you can will make all the difference.

There is nothing to fear - we are constantly with you and guiding every step of the way. Surrender any difficulties to us, ask that they be resolved for the highest good of all and they will be.

Bless everyone and everything as this multiplies your strength.

You are blessed. There is nothing to fear and everything to rejoice upon. So allow us to flow through you and you will live your Heaven on Earth."

The pain is gone! But the simplicity of the message lives on.

We are perfect. The essence of each one of us is like a note in a symphony. When we do what we love, when we live in peace, joy and integrity, our note becomes clearer, lighter, deeper. The sheer beauty of each individual note, joyfully played, inspires all the other members of the symphony to play their most beautiful note.

It is so simple.

Thursday 10 December 2009

Loving Living Life

Jane wrote to me this morning with the idea for this blog. And it's stunning in it's simplicity... Love living life.

How often do we make life more complicated than it is? We borrow fears from the future because – irrationally – we don't trust that, just as we have survived and thrived in the past, we can continue to do so. We borrow sadness from the past, because... well, does it matter why?

How often are we simply loving life? Looking at the colour of the sky? Thanking the birds for their song? Admiring the teen who gives up their seat on the bus? Thanking the sun for shining, the rain for falling, loving the train arriving on time...

There is so much beauty, joy and wisdom in the smallest moments of life. And it is only ever found in the present; by appreciating this very moment. This moment as I type and reach out to you with a full and open heart to share my joy of life with your joy of life...

Life is simple in its beauty, elegance and grace. Yet we humans have a tendency to walk in the opposite direction of life's natural flow. We fight what is, rather than accepting it, opening to it and allowing the present moment to be; in all its splendour and richness, whether 'good' or 'bad', it is where we are. We cannot be elsewhere. It's that simple.

There's immense power in living in the present, in accepting the present: in loving living life.

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Coming full circle

Well, it is a month since I began my Law of Attraction experiment.

I wanted to find out how we shape our lives, how our thoughts affect our realities, how some things arrive in our lives and other things never show up…

So what have I discovered? And what's my proof?

I am utterly convinced that the Law of Attraction is how we create our lives. For most of my life I've been doing this unconsciously. While I have a pretty positive disposition, I haven't actively monitored my thoughts and my feelings.

I now realise that my emotions and thoughts are linked in a manner that is more subtle and more powerful than I ever imagined. As money touches on our sense of self, freedom, inner worth and inner power, it's a great subject to explore.

For example, it's not enough to say, 'I want more money' but to live the thought and feeling of lack, of 'I can't afford that' every day.

Every desire is positively and negatively charged. Money can be 'I want more money and I love having what I have' (positively charged) or 'I want more money, and there's never enough money' (negatively charged). Holding the positively charged thought helps us align with financial abundance… And I’m aligning so I know it’s coming!

Discovering this and becoming aware of these patterns in my own life has been the equivalent of a mental spring clean. I now realise that by focusing on an annoying physical condition I have perpetuated that condition long beyond its 'sell by' date! It may take time, but I now understand that by seeing and feeling myself as a 100% healthy person, I will rebalance that condition.

If I can 'be it', I can 'have it'. We have to start with being, with feeling, before the physical manifestations appear.

In essence, I believe that the Law of Attraction can be summed up like this: Live every moment you are living with pleasure, acceptance and love. Go with the flow of your own life, as it will bring your ever greater opportunities and joy when you start with feeling joy right now.

Even if it's not what you'd choose, accept it as much as you can. Use the moments that you don't like to show you clearly what you would like. And then imagine the joy of living that experience. And in the meantime, between thought and 'reality', keep accepting with an open heart, keep loving with an open heart and keep enjoying with an open heart.

The best is yet to come...

My proof it works

The biggest proof has to be that I am now starting a company with friend. I could have just been a consultant but he wants to make me a full partner. This has me so excited! More about that as soon as we have our website up and running in the next few weeks...

My relationship has improved in all ways. And, as I've said before, that's quite an achievement for newlyweds! Well, it's almost 8 months now - how time flies!

My body is getting better: stronger, leaner, more balanced... and I know that I'm going to resolve the little niggles sooner rather than later.

I had a wonderful episode at home in Cork. As in any family, there are dynamics... I often feel that my brothers (except David!) leave the housework to me. And I resented it - a lot. Having decided to reframe the situation, to accept it as it is, the situation turned on it's head: I chose to do the housework to make things easier for mum, so that gave me pleasure. End of story. What I couldn't have guessed is that my brothers would start helping me the one time I didn't expect or anticipate help!

Nothing I can say can compare with feeling that you are fully alive, engaged and living the life of your dreams. You have to live to really feel it! I’m going to be playing with this for a long time to come. Debbie and I are doing this together and we’re having such fun seeing what unexpected joys and gifts turn up each day! If you fancy joining in the conscious creation game, I’d love to play with you too!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Love through joy

This weekend I was at my brother's wedding. I'm clearly a big softie as I cried through most of it. I wondered what it was about a wedding that has that effect on me - and a few others!

I think it's about love. Although weddings are very romantic occasions, they speak of love that is far deeper, richer and more complex than 'happy ever after' stories. Weddings indicate that two people want to share love at a whole new level; to experience its subtleties, its depths and heights.

It's in the commitment of living daily life together, side by side, that the nuances of love unfold... the masks drop, the reality of life brings a very different pulse and potency to love. It may loose some of its intensity, but the depth of the love increases. If we are lucky. Or, more appropriately, if we are committed to nurturing our relationship.

I read once that when we fall in love, we are not falling in love with the other person; we are falling in love with who we become when we are with them. In those heady first days we are blank canvases, no baggage… we show the very best of who we are, we feel the surge of joy when we experience ourselves as the wonderful person that we always thought we were. We are, in fact, in love with ourselves. Or experiencing the love of the self, through the admiring gaze of our partner.

The implications of this are far reaching. It means that we need never fall out of love. By feeling really good about ourselves, by holding that sense of joy and delight about who we are, we can experience far more of the lighter, more heady, joyful aspect of 'first love'.

When we are truly happy, we see the best in others. And that creates a totally different dynamic in the relationship. It brings in more light, more laughter, more delight...

I speak from experience on this one!

My month long experiment (which ends tomorrow) to actively feel a sense of joy and delight every day has yielded many insights and life changes (tune in tomorrow for the full story!). An infusion of romantic love has definitely been among the gifts I have received - I can't recommend this highly enough...

Taking responsibility for our own happiness releases so much energy, synchronicity, joy and passion that it's amazing any one looks for happiness through another human being. By taking control of our own happiness we free ourselves up to feel happy all the time. And to fall in love: again and again and again...

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Back to the Future

Every morning I make a list of everything that shows me that I'm on the right track in my life. It's like compiling evidence that life is getting better, and I believe that the more I do that, the greater my confidence is that I am positively engaging the Law of Attraction.

And some days, I find it hard to see too much evidence. This morning I thought, "won't it be great how my world will look this time next year! That will be an easy list to create."

So I wrote the list for December 2nd, 2010. And can I just say, I had a terrific day next year! It took ten minutes, but I felt really great afterwards: and that's the whole point!

So may I suggest that you write your Back to the Future diary? What would you love to be living in one year's time?

It's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Tuesday 1 December 2009

The 'I' of the storm

As today progressed it got more and more frantic. I really wanted to ring Debbie because I knew she'd help me find the eye of the storm, that peaceful place of quiet in the middle of chaos. But I didn't have the time!

Luckily, Debbie must have sensed this because she rang me! And I found my centre, the eye of the storm, so to speak! All around me my nearest and dearest are whipped up by various storms at the moment, but I'm committed to finding that calm spot inside myself. I can't change how they feel. I can only (at best) inspire them by example and (at worst!) feel good while others are caught in their dramas.

But it did get me thinking. First, we are never left to cope with the storm alone, there are always others out there who would love to support and help: if only we choose to see them instead of solidering along blindly when a little support would lighten our load easily. Thank you Debbie!

The other thing that it reminded me is that we are never too busy to find peace. As I was running on the 'meet the deadline' treadmill I was consciously thinking, 'this isn't fun, I'm not liking this, how do I make it better... I'll worry that when I'm finished!'

There is great wisdom in the philosophy, 'Do Less, Be More'. When we are do anything half-heartedly (the default outcome of being over-stressed) the result will always disappoint. When we be first, when we are clear on our priorities and when we commit to making feeling good the most important ingredient in our day, we become more effective. Our actions are focused and powerful.

So, the storms may rage around me, but I'm at peace (kinda!) now, my strategy is simple: I'm turning the negatives around... what's the positive this negative is showing me? I can see that what I really want is for my friends to live their lives in harmony with their inner dreams and with their integrity. As soon as I think of them experiencing the freedom that would bring, I automatically feel better. Therefore I'm calm. Therefore I may inspire some calm in them!

Come on into the eye of the storm - it's great in here!