Friday 31 January 2020

Yeshua: Love yourself as I love YOU

It is with immense love and gratitude that I share with you this day.  I am Yeshua, Yeshi, the holder of the Kristos flame, the divine energy of awareness, of Oneness.

My dearest beloved brothers and sisters of the light, the shade and the dark, I am here today to offer my hand to you.  Reach out and let me hold your hand on these last steps of the path.  

I know you are weary; I know you are down-hearted and dejected at time.  Yet we keep saying to you, you are almost there.  

The value of the treasure you are about to receive is beyond your wildest dreams.  It will change and transform you in ways you cannot yet begin to fathom.  It will restore your precious planet into the exquisite, unspeakably beautiful treasure this dear angel chose to manifest.

Give me your hand.  Let your fingers touch mine and intertwine.  Feel the warmth of my love for you warm your skin and seep through your entire being.  Feel me, know that I am right here beside you.  Yes, when you call on me, but also when you aren’t calling on me, even then I am beside you, holding your light.

The sacred task I undertook was to stand by your side in this ascension, to sow the seeds, to describe the future and the path to that future.  It has been distorted and betrayed as I knew it would be, but the essence of that path has never changed.  Love one another as I have love you.  This is the magic key. 

With this one axiom, this one guideline, this one blessing, you can create unlimited change on this planet, at this time.  Consider not the big picture for a moment.  Come into this now moment in your life.  The next conversation you have after reading this piece: how do you love that person as you wish to be loved?  As both you and they are worthy of being loved?

This very evening, as you eat your meal, how do you share love as you would wish to be loved?  For some of you, who practice to extend love each and every day, it will be but a little step.  

For others, who allow their anger or judgment or shame or blame to practice daily on those around you, the step to extend a little more love to those you eat with may feel a little more like a marathon-sized hurdle.  

I see every loving impulse.  I know when you have gone beyond what you thought was possible; when you have loved deeper than you dared, more courageously than you believed you could, more compassionately than you knew how to.  

I see it and I love you back a hundred-fold more.  Love is never lost; no matter how it is received by others, I know the value of your love and your love always elevates All That Is.

My last words, in closing, are to remind you of You.  My most precious, beloved brothers and sisters.  You are the joy of my joy, the heart of my heart.  Love yourself as I love YOU.

Friday 24 January 2020

Buddha: The new day dawns

I am the Buddha.  The energy of the One. The energy of the path of compassion, of balance.

I bring forth this day, the offer of my love, the blessing of my courage and actual physical support to all who require it.  I feel that you are weighed down, not by the folly of your own error, but by a society that is crumbling and by an architecture that is falling in on itself.   

You are not to blame for this.  You have brought it to pass and you are to be rewarded for the service you have rendered the One.  Yours has indeed been the mighty path.

But the path of the mighty and the just is not the path of vengeance, anger or revenge.  It is the energy of the mustard seed, so tiny, so seemingly inconsequential that it is ignored.  But bite on it and you will know!  You will be filled with it!  Plant it and you will see; the ground will explode around it, as it shots up.

This, this has been your path of balance, your path of might.  If you had travelled this path, the ‘battle’ of light, with a mind of anger, righteousness or revenge – where, let us be honest, all of you have begun! – then you would not have emerged victorious.  

But you did not remain in those emotions.  Those are emotions of the ego; underneath them run the true, deep, still waters of the spirit; the infinite power of the divine, of compassion, of balance, of forgiveness, of empathy, of love, of surrender.

Surrender is not giving in.  In martial arts it is allowing for the flow of the opponent, and then using that against them; using their own weight to destabilise them.  It is like turning a mirror into the sunlight, the reflection is more blinding than the sunlight itself.

This is what is now occurring.  It is the implosion of all the negative energy that has been focused outwards into society, to ruin it, to enslave it, that – through the power and might of your love – is now being turned inwards, towards the source of that darkness, and it is crumbling rapidly.
Continue to remain in balance, in compassion, in forgiveness, acceptance and surrender, as much as you can; these are your ‘super’ powers!  It is from here that your spiritual strength comes and increases.

You have done it!  You have broken through; the tower of darkness is crumbling.  It is true that you must wait for it fall in upon itself, it is true that there will still be some small renegade outposts.  But in truth, the war is won.  Shortly, this will be obvious to you too, as the new day dawns.

Friday 17 January 2020

Cmdr Ashian: New Horizons

My dearest Galactic brothers and sisters,

I have come to address you in a new way and to reassure you that that which you have all worked so hard to achieve has almost been accomplished.  You are soon to begin to take up your rightful place within the Galactic Council, a place, an honour, a community that has long been denied to you as a group.

As you may remember, part of my mission is to understand and relay the emotional matrix of those on Gaia, as part of our monitoring of what could be called your love and light index.  

In all humility, I tell you that the recent growth has been astounding; the vortex of oneness, collaboration and united compassion has been growing exceptionally quickly.  Even quicker than we expected, even if we quietly hoped that it was possible!

You mark coming of age in years, perhaps 18 years, or 21 years, regardless of how wise or foolish a person may be at these ages.  We look to your emotional-spiritual matrix, your love light index; this conveys your spiritual wisdom.  Foolishness cannot slip past here!  

You are very, very soon (yes, I know you tire of that word!) to reach your spiritual coming of age matrix marker. As you reach and hold this predetermined marker, it will mark your spiritual coming of age as a society.  

J: It’s as though you are showing me a huge celebration!

A: Yes, achieving this matrix formation is not easily come by.  It is achieved through persistence, dedication, passion, and commitment to the divine within. 

Holding this matrix steadily - for there are always some fluctuations in the early stages, as a baby learns to walk, shaky at first then with great ease - will trigger a cascade of external, tangible events that will forever change the horizon of humanity.

J: You use the word ‘horizon’, and it feels loaded with meaning.

A: For it is meant to!  Your horizon is both the expanse you perceive but also the limit of your perception.  There is the horizon of your vision, there is the horizon of your future, there is the horizon of what you imagine is next for you in your lifetime.  

All this will change irrevocably.  There will be no turning back, there will be no one in a position to alter or undo the rights and benefits that are about to be restored to you, as fully HUman, as Nova Gaians.

And as with all coming of age, there are also responsibilities; but the difference between the wise and foolish, is that the wise see the beauty of responsibilities, they understand how giving and receiving are woven through every lifetime, indeed every day.  Only the childish run from responsibilities.
And you are childish no more.

Soon we will greet each other as brother and sister; soon we will celebrate together and share together. We are as anxious as you for this new chapter to begin, to share all that we have with you and to support you as you ease into conscious Galactic maturity.

We are with you in all moments.  And very soon, you shall see us.