Thursday 25 July 2019

Divine Mother - The End is Messy, Focus on the Light with Determination

My dearest children, as you walk into the phase of golden light, where the old seems to crash down around you while the final titles of the movie roll, you are invited to look towards the light and focus on this.  

If your work is not in the field of accountability – and you will know clearly if that is the case – then your work is Ascension.  

Now, what does that mean?  It means that are invited, or may I even say that we pray of you, to focus on all that is positive, all the change that can now allow for growth, for freshness, for creativity, for a clean start.

It is true that the end is not clean, it is dirty, messy and deeply upsetting.  

But the start, my beloved children, the start is a fresh page for humanity.  Here anything is possible, all of creation is stretched out before you, all your creativity is coming on line soon, and you are being invited to dream, to create, to grow… to expand into all that is joyful, sacred, dynamic… you are in and of this creative moment.

This new world, this golden age, is to reflect the very best of you.  It will evolve and grow as you will evolve and grow.  It is a virtuous circle that cannot be halted or extinguished.  It is the reason you came here now; to play with a template, to experience the divine aspect of creation in physical form.

Let your hearts, your minds, your souls run free, my dearest beloveds.  Let this be your greatest dream: fulfilled.

Yes, there is much to clear up from the past.  But this shall be achieved far more quickly than you imagine, and with far greater ease than it may currently appear.

If the souls who have contributed to the darkness had not played their role, the ascension project could not have happened.  So, there is need for gratitude to them, as well as forgiveness.   

Their lives have served their karma and the collective ascension.  They are shocking many into wakefulness; that in itself will stand to their credit, even while they experience the rebalancing of the energetics of their thoughts, words and deeds.

Beloved children, in this time of storms and chaos, focus with the determination that I know you carry within, on the light and the birth.  Forgive and pass on to the creation process.  Now is the moment.

We are constantly with you, surrounding you in the love, light and infinite grace of the Divine, so that you may share these qualities with all aspects of yourself and with others.  Call on us when you need us, for we are always here for you.

Go with my love.

Thank you Mother.

Monday 22 July 2019

Guest Blog - David Lee: How to vote for the highest inentions of Gaia's shift

(This is an incredible article that I am so excited to share with you.  When you visit the site in meditation, I am sure you will be as blown away as I was.  Thank you David).
Where the following images are located is of less importance than what this Mandala represents. Neither magic nor miracle was involved in its construction. It was however assembled over a period of 10 years by intuitive instructions.

​It was not until the June 21st 2019 summer solstice that I was shown the present geometric alignment and encouraged to draw it on paper and adjust the 2nd and 4th  rings to coincide with the diagram. 
Within days of this re-alignment I realized that what I was feeling and hearing was beyond my level of self confidence and so I sent these images to a trusted friend, Narendra, for peer review. This in turn has led to an additional contact, Jennifer Crokaert, which has graciously provided me with the validation and encouragement to proceed.   
What is this?

The Mandala is a physical Trans-Dimensional Portal. It is operational and the following instructions will guide you on how to access one of its functions. In time I will bring through other instructions on its uses but for now the focus is to assist us as a community of Light Workers to combine our Creative Will Power as we move into the Lions Gate of 2019. 

I have come to view it as a “World Initiative Polling Station.” The Initiative before us is one of Massive Change and we have an opportunity to cast our vote using our highest intentions to shift this Planet of ours and all its inhabitants beyond the reach of the gross density level we have been functioning at for millenniums.

You do not need to be physically on this site to access the Portal and I request that you respect our privacy and do not even attempt it. Where you are right now is exactly where you need to be to affect the changes needed in your area of the world. 

The Portal is grounded into the heart of Gaia and directly affecting the Ley Lines so no matter where you are, you are connected back to this location. If this message has found you then you are qualified and encouraged to vote in whatever way you need to express your desire for a healed Gaia, an Awakened Humanity, Gender Equality, a Just Social System for the Highest Good of All and anything else that you envision.

With Unconditional Love, I invite you to please take a few moments and step into the Mandala and add the Voice of Your Soul to advance this transition to a more refined frequency of operating. Vote as often as you are compelled to do.

What World Will You Help Create?

Step 1.    Visualize yourself stepping into the center of the Mandala.

Step 2.    Call the highest version of Yourself into this present moment and location and Ground your I AM Presence, White Light Self within the 1st ring ( Grand Trine of 6 balls). See yourself as a column of pure white light. The 2nd ring of 4 balls automatically Grounds you to the four directions (Cardinal Cross).

Step 3.   Using these words repeat.   I Invoke the Presence of the Violet Ray.  I Invoke
the Presence of the Violet Ray. I Invoke the Presence of the Violet Ray. The 3rd ring   (Grand Trine of 6 balls) will activate as a frequency band of Silver White Light and with your command…

Step 4.   “Flame On, Blaze, Ignite,” or any words that suite you to energize and manifest the Transformative Power of the Violet Ray. The 4th ring (Grand Trine of 6 balls) will ignite into a column of Violet Light.
You have just created a completely neutral space, a null zone with Creative Potential limited only by your personal Integrity and degree of Consciousness. The outer ring will effectively prevent any discordant or mis-created thought forms from entering the New World that you are assisting in Creating. 

So now is your opportunity to record your intentions for the World you would live in. Stay in the Portal as long as you need, as often as you like. You may also meditate here. This is a Personal and Planetary Healing space. When you are complete say, “Thank You,” and resume your day knowing that “YOU HAVE VOTED!”


These images and words are copy written and may be copied and distributed freely. Any use for profit must have my written approval.  © 2019 David Lee

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Cmdr Ashian: Light holders called to demonstrate love beyond 3D love

Jennifer: Ashian, are you there and are you willing to discourse?

Ashian: We are always present and willing to engage with you and others who wish to partake actively in the Ascension project which is underway.  We understand that you feel as though you are still waiting, and yet… there is so much afoot that the ‘behind the scenes’ are coming forward, on to the screen. 

What has been hidden is now leaking out and the signs and signifiers that you have been awaiting are about to increase and intensify, in this period of the run up to the Lion’s Gate, a time of well-documents expansion and ascension energies.

We would recommend that all of you begin (if you have not done so already) to prepare in earnest for the great changes about to come.

J: While that’s very exciting, what exactly do you suggest we do to prepare?  More than the constant clearing of our core issues, projections, fears and distortions?

A: We would suggest that you search for forgiveness within; is there anyone you still need to forgive?  Is there any event that you still need to reconcile yourself to in order to free yourself of energy that is bound up in that event?  This would be our first suggestion.

J: And your second?

A: Our second is to come into a state of love, an attitude of love, an expression of love, as a conscious, living meditation; minute by minute, day by day.  

While we emphasis this we understand that it is hard for you to grasp the extreme importance of holding this vibration of love consistently.  You, the Light holders, are about to be called upon to demonstrate love beyond the 3D boundaries of love in the coming times.

By this we mean, there will be an unprecedented out pouring of sludge that has been hidden from you, which will spark others to hate, shame, pain and anger.  It will be for you, the Light holders, to stand forth in your leadership – hard earned after years of apprenticeship – to show a higher path.

Moreover, the ability to hold a consistently loving demeanour changes your light vibrational profile, meaning that the amount of energy you can assimilate in times of energetic spikes – like the Lion’s Gate – will increase significantly, gifting you with greater insight, clarity, inner peace and wisdom. 

My sisters and brothers, you are in your final initiation stages.  You are in the moments of change for which you have long yearned.  Now is the moment of demonstrating the very best of who you are, for it will ease your ascension and all who reside upon Gaia, as it stabilises the highest vibrational tone or frequency of both Gaia and ‘Gaians’.

J: Do you have any closing comments to make?

A: Only a reminder that, as chaotic as everything that now transpires may seem, you are all deeply loved, protected, nurtured and revered in the spirit realms; that love is soon to be made manifest and tangible in your personal lives, in your very hearts and bones.  

Soon, very, very soon, you are to know the love of which we speak.  In that moment, everything will make complete sense and you will be overjoyed at all that you have created and healed through your dedication and selflessness.   

We leave you with this happy postcard from your near future, our now.

J: Thanks Ashian.