Friday 11 August 2017

The Sacred Purpose of Water

Imagine a river rushing joyfully down a valley.  As the sunshine brushes the surface, the water seems to melt into light.  Light is love.  Water is also love.  Love in action.  We need water to survive.  Without water there would be no plants, no animals, no people. Water washes everything it touches with invisible blankets of love.

Water, like love, is powerful.  When it comes to a rock in its path, it doesn’t try to move the rock, it glides around the rock covering the rock in love's blanket.  Nothing stops water returning to the ocean, to its home... Nothing stops love in its journey home to the Divine.

Water cleans, but it also blesses us, bathing us in love, sharing the transformative power of love to every cell it touches.  Every time we drink a glass of water, that shimmering love passes through us, cleansing and perfecting us on many levels. 

Where there is water - every rain drop, every stream and every ocean - there is divine love.  We live in a world literally made of love.  For so long, we were blind to the love around us.  But Divine love permeates even the seemingly mundane elements of life, left like clues to remind us of the greatest truth, hidden before our very eyes, that we Are love and we are loved.

And we are invited to be participate in this journey of love.  By consciously blessing our water as we drink, wash, bathe, swim or even sit beside it, we are increasing the love vibration of water, we are not only healing of Gaia and all beings who depend upon her, we are actively supporting the Ascension process.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Alone yet Conjoint

Like so many others, I often feel isolated on my spiritual journey, but recently I found a way to connect: not virtually, but spiritually.

After twenty years of meditation, I would have to admit, I am not an accomplished meditator. Nor am I a huge extrovert. The thought of setting up a group of like minded people with whom to share, fills me with dread. I know no one in my area who even knows about spiritual transformation and Ascension, much less building a world that works for everyone.

But recently, while meditating, I had an idea. Instead of sending out love on my own – to other light workers, to those still sleeping, to those refusing to wake up – why not set the intention to join my love with the love of all others who are also sending love with open hearts?

No sooner had this thought wandered through my mind – one of the more constructive thoughts to do so! – than I suddenly felt that the energy intensify. I felt connected. I was no longer a puzzle piece sitting on my own, I was an essential puzzle piece resting in a larger puzzle.

As the feeling expanded through me, images moved through my mind’s eye. As more and more of us join together with the intent of sending love – whether in person or simply through our intent – Love expands and amplifies. The stronger it gets, the more it dissolves the blockages that hold ourselves and others back from opening completely to divine love.

Eventually, the magnetism grows so strong that even those who sleep are swept up by Divine Love, allowing it to flow through their hearts and their lives.

Even in meditation, we are in service. Even in love, we are healing. Even on our own, we are conjoint.