Friday 22 February 2019

Divine Mother: The time of coming full circle is approaching with haste.

Person Holding Burning Paper in Dark Room

My Beloved Children,

The time of coming full circle is approaching with haste.  The moment when you will return to the lived knowingness of the grandeur of your spiritual heritage, your true Self, your Higher Self, is almost upon you.  

I know that you crave and fear this message because time in your 3D realm is not a concept that is echoed throughout the Multiverse, therefore what for us is short, can feel extremely long for you.  
And yet, take heart, for that is our purpose.  Most of you reading this message will indeed witness the end of time, of old time, of 3D time.  

Indeed, 3D time has passed and you will all have noticed that 4D time has a more light, plasmatic quality to it.  It is malleable to you and your needs at any given moment.  Yes, there are still 24 hours in a day, but the experience of those hours is vastly different.

I invite you to become time travelers, time experimenters: dialogue with time.  When you are short of time, instead of panicking, rushing and racy, slow down.  Become conscious of your mastery over time and request time to work with you to support you in achieving all that matters to you at an appropriate pace.

Your emotions determine your experience of time.  The higher a vibration you can bring to time, the greater the love you can feel for what you are doing and the more harmonious the experience of time will be.  

Time is an illusion, it is a vehicle, a carrier of your social norms and expressions, and it is a direct reflection of your emotional state.  The more awareness you can bring to it, the greater the qualitative change you will notice in your experience of time.

Slowly, you will notice that what we are inviting you to do is to come into the present.  Your conscious awareness of this now moment, reading these words, breathing this breath, is what gives you access to quantum changes and unimaginable transformations in the blink of an eye.  

Your calm, focused, loving awareness of the Now moment is the embodiment of the divine in human form.  There is nothing more we can ask of you.

I also invite you to become aware of how you fill your time, on what you spend your time.  If time were money, would you consider your activities to be an investment worthy of You?

Your human journey is the sum total of your emotional journey through life, a shopping basket of moments.  When you come to the cashier, are you happy with what you find in your shopping basket?  Is it a true representation of the person you choose to be?  Or have you been side-tracked?  Are there emotions, moments and experiences in your basket that you would rather not have?

This is an invitation my beloved children, to examine your basket and decide what you really want to invest your time in.  

If there are experiences, moments and perhaps duties that you feel are unavoidable or burdensome, then I ask you to transform your emotional relationship with those moments.  Instead of buying flour, buy a cake!  Instead of buying frustration, buy patience.  Instead of bringing anger to the cashier, bring forgiveness.

You are powerful creative beings of light.  You are just beginning in the journey of remembering those divine powers and abilities.  Become the alchemists I know you to be, as you birthed from me.

What is in me, is YOU. What is in you, is ME.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Divine Mother: Rising to the final challenges

Within every achievement, there is a challenge.  A moment when you were tested, when you had to go inside, deep inside, and discern what was true for you in the stillness of your Heart.  Only then were you ready to respond.  From your Higher Heart, your Higher Self.

That is how progress is made; one step at a time, some steps are simple, fast and light, while others feel as if you are wading through treacle.  Within every challenge is a moment of divine alchemy, when the self and Higher Self merge more intimately then ever before.

I bring this forward this day, my beloved warriors of light, because I wish to alert and advise that we are coming very close to the ‘end of times’.  Please remember, when you read this, that this marks the end of times for the dark, not for my beloved children of light.  And even my children who have strayed onto the path of darkness are not lost to me, their path is simply diverging – finally – from your path, from your creations, from your planet.

And in these final days, weeks and perhaps even months, you will find yourself sorely tested.  You will have to muster all the compassion you are, all the forgiveness you are, all the love you have ever shared, in order to truly anchor the light in the darkest of hours.  

I forewarn you with the gentlest of love, as a mother who knows that her precious child must one day leave her and face the world on their own.  That day is coming rapidly.

Many of you have told me repeatedly that you are ready, you are strong enough: bring it on!  My precious children, it is about to be brought on.  I know you are equal to the task.  The worst the dark can muster is about to erupt forth.  

Take this as the great sign it is, the end of their times on your planet.  

Take this as the rite of passage it is, the beginning of the life of your dreams.

Take this as the initiation it is, the alchemy of dirt into gold.

Keep your light, love and compassion as your beacons.  

While all around you who gently doze will be appalled and will wish to rise up in righteous anger, justice and even revenge, I ask you to be gentleness of the lamb.  I ask you to be the forgiveness of the Mother Father One.  I ask you to be the light shining in the storm.  

And may ask me to travel that road with you, every step of the way.  You may ask me to clear, cleanse and heal all around you.  You may ask me to comfort and renew everyone who is in pain. 
I am your Mother, your divine source.  Where you go, there am I.  

We are one and you are about to live that legacy, in full consciousness, as was always the divine plan.

Monday 11 February 2019

Ascension Update - Working with a City of Light

The spiritual journey can often seem quite an isolating one, with little changing from day to day.  So when a new experience occurs, I am always excited to share it, because, like me, I imagine you are in need of inspriation and upliftment too.

A few months ago I read on Linda Dillon's site that city where I was born (Cork in Ireland) is to host a City of Light. What are the odds?!  I wrote to Linda who asked if I felt I was to assist with grounding the energy.  I immediately declined as I didn't want that kind of pressure, nor did I want to return there.
Last week, in Linda's update, I read that no-one was working on grounding the City of Light in Cork and I was deeply saddened.  I don't want Cork to lose out.  So I wrote Linda and volunteered, just until the 'right' person emerged.  As I wrote the email, I had a feeling that no one else was going to come forward. 

Let's just say, that after that day's meditation, I know I'm on the team!  I would love to share what happened in the hope that uplifts and inspires your journey further.

As I began my meditation, I went to the 13th octave, but this time in the first step, I noticed that my temple was very full and that all the beings there were not solid like humans, but higher dimensional.  There were many and I didn't recognise them.  There also seemed to be either a predominance of men, or a male energy aspect to it.

When I finished the process of going to the 13th octave, I went straight back to the temple room.  Suddenly, I was at a huge slightly oval table with a lot people who were clearly holding a meeting.  I was seated at the bottom of the oval, opposite the man (?) who seemed to chair the meeting.  
Beside me, was my Higher Self.  I asked her what we were doing there, though I already knew: it was a meeting on the city of light for Cork.  I could feel the energy but I couldn't understand the conversation and she said that was because I was being 'acclimated' to the energy first.  I have always been attending, this was my first time to consciously attend.

I felt enormous energy going through my crown chakra and began to become aware of an idea that was at the back of my mind for the last day or so; Cork is both a county and a city, and it seems to me (but I could be sooo wrong) that it might be further west than the city, more in the countryside.  I saw myself moving there and I was very upset.  It's not very close to my family, so why move there?  

When I brought my consciousness back to my body, I realised that not only had my crown chakra opened to engulf my skull, but my heart chakra had opened to fill my chest.  There was nothing but spaciousness in these two chakras.

I then became aware of the meeting again.  I noticed my Higher Self had faded and was almost invisible, which I took to mean that it was safe to leave me on my own! 

When I brought my consciousness to the group at the table, I was blown away.  I realised that their heart chakras had all merged, forming an elipse of light around the table.  They were not operating as individuals, the way I had first understood it.  They were one.  
They were operating as a collective, in the same way that both our hands may do different things at the same time, like hold a baby and type a text message, but they are, nonetheless, part of one body.  Their heart energy had merged in an elipse shape and they, including me, were aligned, almost one yet indvidiual. 

I also noticed that this meeting room doesn't contain the sometimes tense energies of the Galatic Counsel meetings about awakening and ascension, because all the participants are aligned with the both the goal and the process, so they create a very powerful, cohesive energy.

A few days later, when I returned to the meeting room in meditation, I was attempting to align with their energy, the energy of Gaia in Cork and all the beings connected to this process.  I was gently guided to stop trying so hard!  
I was shown that if I relaxed, I would naturally come into harmony with their energy and that of Gaia.  A few seconds later, I literally felt Gaia's energy move towards me and align with me!

In the spiritual journey, as with so many other things, less is often more!

Monday 4 February 2019

Divine Mother: How to melt your personal veil

Each one of you, my dearest heart-seeds, has a virtue to which you cleave.  It is like a hallmark that is stamped on your soul; it is an invisible template that shapes much of your life.  For some it may be love, for others balance, for others forgiveness.

As you begin your journey through lifetimes, this virtue is invariably distorted.  So love may become hate or indifference, balance may become extremes, forgiveness may become revenge.  You will cycle through the spectrum of each virtue, but most especially your ‘hallmark’ virtue, may times in each life time.  

You will discover the depths of love and equally the depths of loss of love, hate and indifference, for knowing one increases your experience of the other.  As your lifetimes progress, you are charged with coming to a refined understanding of the positive pole of your particular virtue.  

At present, much of society is embroiled in the final, chaotic dance between the extremities of their chosen virtue.  That is why people can, in one moment, exhibit enormous kindness, generosity and forgiveness and, in the next moment, the very same person can become small-minded, petty and vindictive.

You, my beloved Light workers and Love holders, are more skilled, more advanced in this practice.  It does not mean that you do not sometimes slip, but it does mean that you regain your balance quickly.  

Your task, in these last days, is to further refine and raise your vibration, using your virtue as your guiding star.  If tolerance is your virtue, practice tolerance in all aspects of your life, from having a shower to commuting to work to interacting with grumpy colleagues.  Let your virtue determine how you respond to both the good and the ‘bad’ within your day.

You will know which virtue is your special virtue, because it calls to you throughout your life.  You will find yourself returning to this virtue when you are feeling relaxed and happy, and using this virtue to judge yourself*when you feel you have let yourself down.   

If you are unsure what your virtue is, ask some trusted dear-ones, for they will clearly see what you have ignored.

The more you can use this virtue in your daily life, by becoming a living role model for that virtue, the heart of love, the embodiment of balance, the champion of forgiveness, the hero of compassion, you will raise not just your vibration, but the vibration across the planet, our precious sweet Gaia.

You will also raise your vibration.  Imagine for a moment, that your chosen virtue is a note.  The purer, clearer and sweeter this note sounds through the universe, the closer you move to knowing your divine self.  

Your divine self is not allowed to reveal itself to you, to remove the veil between your human self and your divine self, until you have reached a level of spiritual mastery where you can begin to assimilate and integrate this information for your highest good.

You approach your divine self by sounding your note, by living through your virtue.  When you reach the threshold vibration, your higher self has the authority to remove the veil that shields you from your manifest spiritual glory.  

You are approaching that precise vibration rapidly.  Very rapidly.  It is for this reason that we, the entire Company of Heaven, continue to remind and encourage you, time and time again, to raise your vibrations.  

When the harmonic of your soul and your human form align, when the collective human vibration reaches the threshold of the group soul harmonic, it will create a cosmic ‘Om’ sound, that will reverberate through the multiverse, and through the dimensions.  

In that moment, your veil will melt.  You will recognise yourself for who you have always known yourself to be.  Your human and spiritual selves will unite in a way that has never before been experienced.  This is what you took form to experience.

This is the moment that awaits you.  We encourage you to keep up your steadfast work, for the  time is almost upon you and the blessings are unimaginable.  

With all my love, my dearest children.

*For you continue to judge yourselves, even when we remind you that there is no judgement, merely discernment of what increases the flow of love and what constricts the flow of love.