Friday 29 March 2019

Divine Mother: You are already wizards and alchemists

There is a stream of love, flowing from my heart to yours; a stream that promises you, as my beloved children, even as my very self, that you are always connected to me, you are always loved and you are always accepted.

In these days, towards the end of times, you are becoming more aware of where you have not answered the call of love, and I do not mean this romantically alone, I mean the call of divine love; the whisper that caresses your heart with ideas for the kindest, gentlest ways of being, both with yourselves and others.  

As you begin to see your life more clearly, through the lens of love, it is easy to get down-cast at what you call ‘failures’ or even ‘sins’.  Those moments when your love for something else was stronger than the call of your inner knowing.

Do not be down-hearted.  All must pass through the gateway of forgetting and then remembering love.  Rather, celebrate your initiation into the gateway of remembering love.  It marks a significant progression in your journey towards unconditional love for your dear self and for others.

Celebrate your expansion of love from want and need, to acceptance and surrender, into valuing the highest good over your personality’s perception of good.

You are on an accelerated path, an accelerated time line now, so you may expect to see some remarkable and rapid changes very shortly.  Hold your centre, practice breathing out love to everything you see, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.  

Remember that what you label as bad, is actually the end of a very long story of persecution and the denial of love.  There can be only joy that these stories are now being heard so as to be released.  There will be enough people caught up in the anger, rage and vitriol of a media that seeks to incarcerate you in hatred and distrust.

My beautiful children, as much as you can, come back to the stream of love that flows between us.  Even if it is only to repeat, ‘I am willing to be willing to love’.  Your willingness, when you are overwhelmed, is read with a very similar vibration pattern as your love: they are aligned like brother and sister.  Your willingness creates change, it facilitates forgiveness and the dissolution of the negativity that creates acts that hurt love.

By shining your light, love and compassion, you create more change than you can comprehend.  You become wizards and miracle workers, because you are transmuting energy.  What else is a wizard, but somone with the power to transmute energy?

Let the river of love that flows between our hearts flow unimpeded.  Allow it to seep down, down into you; all you need do is become still, even briefly, and notice it.  

What you notice, expands.  This is particularly true of love, the strongest energy in All That Is; the strongest energy because it is the foundation of All That Is.  

Aligning with love, aligns you with All That Is, that is why love can move mountains and create miracles.

And you are love.

Friday 22 March 2019

Divine Mother: A 'tip' for The Energy Jump

This is a gift from me to you, a ‘tip’ for how to ride the immense waves of energy that are soon to flood your planet.  

A surfer would not dive into a storm without practicing the skills they require to stay on the board.  I’m telling you how to learn to surf my tsunami of love, so that the energetic jump will lift you up easily, rather than overwhelming you in its waves.

Your bodies are the doorways of miracles, and very soon they will transform from the heavy, often burdensome, forms you know, to the most magnificent, light-filled crystalline forms.  

Although both you and we have prepared for this shift, it will still be an enormous leap and your full, active cooperation in this final preparation phase will make that process much easier on you physically by lessening the side effects of realigning imbalances.

You know that all change begins in the spiritual realms and then moves down through the denser realms, the emotional realm, the mental realm and only then does it manifest in the physical realm. 
Your prayers, your thoughts, your fears, these are also elements of this flowing energy.  Money is only one symbol of flow, of ease, of hydration, of divine energy moving to where it is required.  It is also the most dense and energetically misaligned expression of this energy flow.

If you believe that you can change the world once you have money, I would ask you to consider changing the world before you have money.  I would ask you to begin, like me, in the subtle realms. 
Become aware of your thoughts, which are often the sum total of your fears and projections.  Old energy creates old patterns; whether it’s with money or thoughts, the outcome is the same, only the speed is different.

I would invite you to consider your physical bodies: the chalice of your spirit, the sacred temple of this lifetime.  Would you leave a beloved temple, mosque, church or alter untended?  Littered with discarded wrappers?  Would you allow wilted flowers to remain in the vases?  Dust to settle?  

No, my beloveds, you would not and I know this so well.  You would and do tend to your sacred spaces.

Your body is a sacred space.  

My invitation is to bring the sacred flow of life, of energy, into your bodies consciously every day.  Thank your liver, thank your skin, thank your blood, thank you eyes…. Allow my healing tsunami of love to flow through every cell in your body with even greater ease, with even greater effectiveness. 

When you do this, you increase the energy of every cell, aligning it to a higher vibration, a vibration closer to mine and further from 3D.  Not only are increasing your vibration in quantum leaps, you are hastening the process for everyone on this entire planet, for all is One.  

Spending time in this way, even if only a minute or two as you awaken, fall asleep or wait in a queue, is exceptionally powerful.  

Many of you have been brought down so low, you are so tired and dejected that you wonder why you persevere.  My darling children, the end is within touching distance.

Begin to revive yourselves now.  Begin to put into yourselves the energy, love and sparkle that the long road home has taken out of you.  The path has not been glamorous.  It has been rocky and hard.  This is the end of times, you are so close to the miracles of heaven manifesting on your planet and in your lives.  

Begin to refuel yourselves now, so that when my energy of love cracks open the final heart and love spills across the planet, you are not so exhausted that it bowls you over.  

Recuperate now, by making your body energetically lighter and stronger, a little each day, so that you will be able to stand in this unprecedented outpouring of divine love.  Your practice will have familiarised your cells to this higher vibration, ensuring that energy jump will be rapidly recognised and assimilated.  It will uplift you, rather than knock you out.  

Surf my beloved children! Fill your bodies with the energy signal of final tsunami of love, so that the greater energies that are just about to arrive will pass through you with grace and ease.  

Send love, light, gratitude, pink light, rainbow light, appreciation or affirmations, it matters not, send those positive thoughts to your bodies, to prepare them, in this the final stage.

Friday 15 March 2019

Melchizedek: Yours is the story of the ages, we are your mentors

Take a second look at the logo

Shine your light on all that troubles you, all that you fear, all that you would prefer to ignore or hide from.  Shine you light on all that inspires, delights and uplifts you.  Both are a part of your current life experience; the former you clearing, the latter you are manifesting.  Both are in active service to the Ascension process, both are required.  

Can you sit with both?  Can you see both the shadow and the light, and still chose the light?  And still bring compassion, forgiveness and release to shadow?  When you do this, you infuse the shadow with divine light, you disperse, dissolve, melt that shadow side.  You elevate it, through your positive, loving focus.  

This is alchemy.  This is using your divine power for the highest benefit of all.  This is actively creating heaven on earth and speeding the time to The Jump, The Event.  

You, our boots on the ground, our love army, are charged with removing guns and weapons, and using love and light to create massive, radical, unprecedented change, not just on a global scale but on a cosmic scale.  

As you read this, you may look around you and wonder what you are doing to be of cosmic agent of change, how are you affecting beings far, far beyond your planet Gaia.  But we would proudly and humbly remind you that you are the most powerful agents of change in the history of this galaxy; even we, the Company of Heaven and angels of light, cannot override your free will, your individual and collective decisions.   

We are here to mentor, support, encourage and suggest.  We are your coaches, you are on the field.  You are the front line.  You are ‘where it’s at’, in the greatest story told in this galaxy.  

We appreciate that you have been purposely numbed to the power and might of your self, of your role.  We understand that there have been manifold distractions placed in front of you to lead you astray, to divert your attention.  We note, with enormous pride and delight, that you have continued to persevere, to expand your light throughout your planet, and to cause incalculable change to occur.  

You are the alchemists of your age; each of you a Merlin, a shaman, an angel, an extraterrestrial, who has the courage, forbearance and fortitude to persist, against all odds.  Yours is the story of the ages, Light workers of Gaia.   

We are humbled to be working with you.  We are uplifted to be of service.  

Call on us when you flag, when you feel in need of support and encouragement, when you wish to share your joy, when you yearn for clarity.  We are your coaches and we support you.
Melchizedek and the company of angels.