Wednesday 26 October 2011

James first word

After careful consideration, our year old has finally pronounced his first word. 


He's said it not just once, but many times.  And on many days.  He obviously knew what it was: it just took us a while to catch up.  And the first word is...


What a random choice!  He loves looking at the squirrels in the garden, but for that to be his first word?!  He knows who Daddy is.  He can even say Dada.  But he hasn't stuck the label 'Dada' to Daddy.  I'm not sure he's linked Mama to me.  I thought he had one day, but the next day it was gone.  But squirrel, that has stuck.  He knows exactly what it is, day in, day out.

Sometimes, you just have to love the curveballs of life.  Six months breastfeeding counts for nought when juxtaposed with a cute wee squirrel!

I guess that won't be the last time my son reminds me I'm not the centre of his world!

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