Friday 8 September 2017

How do we dissolve the 3D Matrix?

What does it really mean when we are asked to dissolve the 3D Matrix so that we can live in the 5D Matrix?  How do we do that?

Because I didn't understand what what was being asked of us, I felt powerless to act, even though I really do want to do as much as possible to help create the New Earth.

I asked the Universe to clarify this for me, but there was no writing in the sky! 

Yesterday, after meditation, I decided to write even though I had no idea what to write about.  I needn't have worried, the ideas flowed and an answer unfurled its truth.

In life, our egos very often react from fear.  Our fear-based reactions then evoke the fear-based reactions of others.  As my core issue bounces off your core issue, we create a choreograhpy of stone.  The world that this creates is a hard, cruel world ruled by an invisible fear.  In that world, very little change is possible.  The 3D Matrix is like that rigid, pre-programmed choreograply. 

When we respond with love, we enter the 5D Matrix.  Now we are responding, not blindly reacting.  Now our love is bouncing off the love in others, evoking new responses and creating a dance of light and grace.

This is a very basic description of what is happening and how we can help, but that was what I needed: a simple idea that helped me understand how to dissolve the 3D Matrix in the mundane tasks of my day to day life. 

What I love about this is that it reaffirms the importance of going within, of spending some time in silence every day.  Even if we think nothing has happened, we are giving our Higher Selves a chance to speak to us, a chance to answer our questions and uplift our tired hearts. 

It also reaffirms that the eternal truth that if we act through Love, we are always in the process of creating Heaven on Earth.

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