Friday 10 August 2018

Channel 6: The Divine Mother on Motherhood

Dear Child, it is I your eternal Mother and I wish to speak to you this day of motherhood.  It is a subject that you, and every mother who has ever gone before you, has found challenging and vexing, as well as inspiring.  And I see you as you grapple, fearing that you do too little to promote independence and too much at the same time.

The exercise of motherhood is an exercise of balance and restraint, of delicacy, for it is like teaching tightrope walking.  Love is the air in which [children] are submerged, engulfed and live within.  However, love itself is not enough to get the most out of the experience of life.  Life is about the refinement of the soul in each great adventure of the body.  It is about learning to know oneself and then reach beyond who you thought you were.

Let me take you, dearest heart, you are working with balance at present.  You are learning that although you can ask for advice, you know it already inside.  Or you can wait for it to come. 
And what is the essence that you wish to convey to a child.  Not that they can be a bully and get what they want, but that they can learn to collaborate for the greater good, that they can care for the planet and others beyond themselves, that sometimes what they think they want, is not in their highest good.  Learning to listen within, to trust the feedback from the universe around you.  These are all good ways to settle into the delicacy of life.  One may charge through it, like a bull in a china shop.  Or one may become aware, noticing the pushes of intuition, synchronicities of life, waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.  This is the delicacy of life.

You worry about your skills, are you doing this?  And beloved one, yes you are.  Indeed, you are doing it to the very best of your ability.  And more nuance is required as children grow older.  Then a mother must pull back a little in relation to the directions we give, waiting to allow them to find their own thoughts, their own ideas and ways of negotiating life.

Let them make mistakes, for indeed nothing is a mistake if it is a learning, if it presents wisdom wearing the disguise of a ‘mis-step’.  Then the mis-step is revealed for what it is: acquired wisdom.  And the mis-step never existed.  It is swoshed away, transformed into wisdom.  As it is with all my children, whether they are children or parents.  

As you look into your life this very day, notice the flow of your day.  Notice where you thought you made a mis-step.  Notice the wisdom that emerged from that.  And if there is no wisdom, allow the pattern of mis-steps to emerge, as they create a pathway to wisdom.  Sometimes ‘mistakes’ are noticed on the last step, sometimes you begin to notice the pathway much earlier, but the wisdom is not yet formed fully enough within for you to grasp it, to make it your own.

Fear not.  There is no grading, there is no judgement.  There is simply the heart-felt desire for you to experience the journey fully, and to grow in your understanding of love in action, through that process.  That is it.  Nothing more.  Life is love in action.  

That is not a ‘command’ to be always loving, for love can be harsh and righteous in some hands.  It is the invitation to come to the sweetness of love within, and to allow that sweetness to flow through you into your children, by your example of sweet love to yourself and all around you – from the planet to the chair.  They will learn this.  They will absorb the respect, the delicacy, the joy of that love.

And this is why we implore all our dear children, young and old, to do what you love.  For therein lies the pathway to your sweetness.  I hear you say you can’t.  But begin, my child, at least begin.  If only with small acts of kindness and love to yourself, throughout your day.  It will soon bring about a tsunami of change, a visceral experience of my tsunami of love.  For the power of love is quantum, not linear.

So, dear mothers, your doubt erodes your love of yourself.  Your fears cause projections and angers.  When you trust, yourself, the universe, All That Is, you are [growing] love and raising children who can raise to the challenge of loving life magnificently.

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