Thursday 25 July 2019

Divine Mother - The End is Messy, Focus on the Light with Determination

My dearest children, as you walk into the phase of golden light, where the old seems to crash down around you while the final titles of the movie roll, you are invited to look towards the light and focus on this.  

If your work is not in the field of accountability – and you will know clearly if that is the case – then your work is Ascension.  

Now, what does that mean?  It means that are invited, or may I even say that we pray of you, to focus on all that is positive, all the change that can now allow for growth, for freshness, for creativity, for a clean start.

It is true that the end is not clean, it is dirty, messy and deeply upsetting.  

But the start, my beloved children, the start is a fresh page for humanity.  Here anything is possible, all of creation is stretched out before you, all your creativity is coming on line soon, and you are being invited to dream, to create, to grow… to expand into all that is joyful, sacred, dynamic… you are in and of this creative moment.

This new world, this golden age, is to reflect the very best of you.  It will evolve and grow as you will evolve and grow.  It is a virtuous circle that cannot be halted or extinguished.  It is the reason you came here now; to play with a template, to experience the divine aspect of creation in physical form.

Let your hearts, your minds, your souls run free, my dearest beloveds.  Let this be your greatest dream: fulfilled.

Yes, there is much to clear up from the past.  But this shall be achieved far more quickly than you imagine, and with far greater ease than it may currently appear.

If the souls who have contributed to the darkness had not played their role, the ascension project could not have happened.  So, there is need for gratitude to them, as well as forgiveness.   

Their lives have served their karma and the collective ascension.  They are shocking many into wakefulness; that in itself will stand to their credit, even while they experience the rebalancing of the energetics of their thoughts, words and deeds.

Beloved children, in this time of storms and chaos, focus with the determination that I know you carry within, on the light and the birth.  Forgive and pass on to the creation process.  Now is the moment.

We are constantly with you, surrounding you in the love, light and infinite grace of the Divine, so that you may share these qualities with all aspects of yourself and with others.  Call on us when you need us, for we are always here for you.

Go with my love.

Thank you Mother.

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