Wednesday 8 January 2020

Divine Mother - Australia and The Call to Love

My dearest children,

Consider this, that the invitation offered by the fires in Australia is not a call for water, or for rain; but a call to love.

Consider this, that the fires that burn to clear and purge, to transform and renew, are not just for the benefit of Australia, but for the entire planet.

Consider this, that meditations for rain are good, but meditations for love are even more powerful.  Why is that, you may ask?

Consider this, that every 'purge', like this fire is a mechanism for increasing the vibration of humanity.  It scorches out the lower vibrations, cleansing and purifying all that is not of love, transforming it into love.

Consider then, that with every seeming 'purge', the aim is not the transform the past, but to increase the love and light on the planet in the present.

As you come together, in compassion and love, you are achieving just that goal.  The more love there is, the higher the vibration and the faster the fires burn themselves out, because their purpose is to raise the vibration.

Can you send love to the fire?  It is my messenger, it comes in my service.  Hating it and fearing it, especially for those who are distant from it, is adding to the darkness of the planet, not to the light.

Transcend the darkness.  Love the fire as much as you love the rain.  Love the perpetrator as much as you love the victim.

To truly take your place as Galactic Beings, higher dimensional beings, duality needs be transcended.  Beyond bad.  Beyond good.  Only love, pure love, for ALL That Is.

The purge is in Australia, but as with all purges you see across across precious Gaia, the goal is the same: they are The Call to Love.

You may meditate on rain for Australia, you may meditate on healing for your sick friend, it matters not; you may share a smile with a stranger, you may open a door for the elderly.  It matters not.

All actions, and let me be very clear about this, All actions that increase the love on my precious Gaia, are creating raindrops of healing, raindrops of blessings, for ALL That Is.


  1. yes! thank you. I have been meditating on peace as I have wished so much for us to respect and live on our planet not in a violent or angry or grasping way, but in gentleness and peace. And of course.... let us remember that ít's all about love!' Raindrop blessings? How beauitful. Thank you Jennifer

  2. thank you Jennifer. It's all about love...