Friday 4 December 2020

Venus: Preparing for Love Evolution

Blessings of great abundance in all areas to you all.  Many of you are preparing for the great influx of energy that is to come around the solstice this December.  There are as many preparations as there are people!

But, with the greatest of love and compassion, I wish to suggest that they all may be reduced to just two steps.  You will see that these two steps will give you infinite room to do as you wish, while also helping you to focus on what really matters – love! – without getting carried away by unnecessary rituals that distance you from the immediacy of Love.

The two steps are:

1.      Focus on your heart, on the emotional experience of love

2.      Follow your intuition

Allow me to elaborate.  In this period of the solstice, the focus across the galaxies is on the amplification and purification of love on Gaia.  This means that the lived experience of love matters more than anything else, so focusing on every feeling of love in your life, brings you into greater alignment with the incoming energies.

Focusing on your heart, can mean breathing love in through your heart, and out through your heart.  It can mean extending love to everyone you know, or extending love to everyone you don’t know or, perhaps most importantly, to everyone you know and dislike. 

Expanding love can mean imagining love swooshing its bright, joyful, healing light through every cell in your body; through every morsel of pain, anger, resentment and fear in your psyche; through every critical, unkind thought about yourself or others.  It could mean sending love to dearest Gaia, to all plants, to all bodies of water, to all animals and insects. 

Anything you do to bring more love into your life increases your love quotient, and opens up wider channels for love to flow through you. 

That said, this is not a competition.  This is a process that is mastered through kindness, compassion and … love.  Not through force, reason or ego; surrender them to love’s compassionate embrace, over and over again every day, for as long as those thoughts and feelings persist.

The second aspect of preparations that I would like to bring to your attention is intuition.  If love is the language, intuition is the sentence.  Intuition is the voice of your soul, of your heart.  By listening for the delicate nudge of your intuition, you begin to listen to the whispers of love in your life. 

Our dear humans have been so ruled by logic, but this is a highly flawed paradigm that actually has not served you.  Listen to the intuition, and it will bring you to the perfect place at the perfect time, it will suggest the perfect words to share with the perfect person. 

The voice of intuition shows you the pathway of love in your life, every day in every moment.  If you will only listen.  Many who hear the whispers of intuition, ignore it or argue with it on the basis of logic. Listen.  Then act on that soul knowing, it is far wiser than ego.

You are upturning a system of dominance and suppression that is millennia old; you cannot achieve that using the blunt tool of logic: a new paradigm is required – Love.  To live by love, you must act through love, in every moment.  Intuition will show you how to do. 

Your intuition will make your life a joy in unexpected, miraculous ways, because Love is the ultimate power and intuition is the ultimate strategy.

Life can be very simple, when you shave away all that is not required – from habits that impede you to emotional scars that burn you – gently move into the pathway of love, so that each day love can envelop you in its joyful scent and miraculous experiences.

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