Friday 17 July 2009

Day 21: Simple

There is an elegance and gracefulness about simplicity. There is something so captivating about simplicity... It is its honesty.

There is nothing to distract me from 'what is', for nothing is hidden. It cuts all that is superfluous to reveal what is essential.

I can understand how simplicity can seem bare, but it is not austere.

Simplicity lends itself to care and attention. It requires some discernment…

If I am to keep things simple, I then choose to let go of everything that clutters and confuses.

What people lift my heart?

What is that I truly love having around me?

What activities bring me greatest joy?

What do I really want to say?

I can get lost in irrelevant detail… but these questions leave me with some food for thought… Rather than more, the simple things are often the easiest, the simple words are often the truest, and the simple recipes often taste best!

What creates simplicity for you? Where does your love, light, laughter and delight reside?

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