Tuesday 21 July 2009

Day 25: Preparing for change

I started this journey to get a clearer understanding of my purpose. That has definitely come, in so far as I have developed a real love for this blog. It is the embodiment of care and attention for me.

Even if no one reads it, I feel it is a contribution to the question, 'how can we combine ordinary life and a spiritual life?' Spiritual life is no longer locked away in monasteries, it must be lived in the mundane, in the simple actions of every day life, in the confusion and chaos of every day life. I love exploring how we can combine the ideas of an 'ordinary life' and 'spiritual life'.

But back to my opening paragraph, this journey appears to be going beyond my remit! It has taken a quantum leap in a direction I didn't expect...

To be honest, it's not even something I can describe clearly. At best I could say that I feel as though there is something stirring deep within … I've tried to write about it for three days, but I lack the words and the concepts. I can only describe it as a rumbling, a sense of impending change and, hopefully, of break through.

Perhaps being aware of something is enough, we can get hung up on concepts, labels and theories, thinking that they give us some control over life. And all the best teachers say that control is an illusion.

I just hope it won't be too traumatic... Well, you can’t blame a girl for hoping!

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