Monday 22 March 2010

Unemployed Angels

I once read that there are millions of unemployed angels!  It was an intriguingly incongruent idea!  How could that be?

When people used to pray, there were lots of ways for them to help and support us.  Now though, we don't pray and angels face one enormous limitation.  They have to be asked before they can help.

Because we have free will, they can't just dive right in!  They have to wait patiently until we ask for help.  Given how forgetful I can be, I imagine they must have long periods of waiting!  And given that they can help millions at the one time, doing nothing must be incredibly frustrating!

So what can angels do?  They can help with just about anything.  If there's a task you can imagine, there's an angel designated to help with it.  You've surely heard of the parking spot angel (about the only one who is frequently occupied I suspect!), there's an angel who inspires us when we write (Gabriel), there's an angel who supports counsellors (Azreal), there are angels for finding things, for making connections with others, for conveying our message to a loved one...

At work, it's possible to get completely bogged down in to-do lists.  I recently discovered this wonderful idea: on one half of the page, under the heading "To Do Today: me", write down everything that you have to do today.  On the other half of the page, under the heading "To Do Today: the Universe" write down everything else.  Then let the angels take care of those details and outcomes.  It's surprising how many of the items on that half of the sheet are magically ticked off at the end of each day!

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