Thursday 1 April 2010

In all processes, there are seasons

I know I said I wouldn't bore you about the scan, but I'm weak!  Avert your gaze if you don't want to be blinded by the first surges of motherly love!

The scan went fine - the baby appears perfectly healthy (yipppeee!) and is a real mover...!  My goodness, I hope they calm down with age!

What interests me (almost as much) has been Dirk's reaction to the process.  Apart from the fact that he has the scan in a silver frame on his desk (his colleagues will be driven demented by him!!) it means that the conversation that starts, "Are you sure you're pregnant?" is now, definitively, Over!

I hadn't realised how abstract the whole concept of early pregnancy is for men.  I know it stands to reason, but I thought seeing me go through the mill would be proof enough!  However, it appears that they can't see anything or feel anything, so they are left trusting in blind faith - and how many of us enjoy that experience?!

Neither had I realised how little my experience had translated to him.  For me, the past 6 weeks especially, made the Saw ride a Alton Towers, look like a wimp's day out!  The nausea, constant hunger, exhaustion and, most surprisingly, the depression pulled and pushed without respite.  The 'glow' they speak about was unimaginable to me.  I may not have been able to see the baby, but I knew I was pregnant - it had me by the scruff of the neck!

But as with all processes, there is cycle... a pathway through the seasons.  Now that those symptoms are easing, and I feel like my optimistic self again, it's nice to see Dirk excited and (dare I say it?!) even pampering me!  Now this is more like it!

Finally, may I wish you a blessed Easter.  May this season of new beginnings and rebirth reignite your joy and passion in life.

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