Thursday 1 July 2010

Our soul speaks to us through our hearts...

It is my belief that each and every one of us is born with a soul agenda, or a soul-vision: an outline of the experiences we wish to have in this lifetime.  I believe this soul vision creates the broad brush-strokes within our lives, but the details - how we choose to live these experiences - is up to us.  We have free will.*

It's not a widely held belief, however, and for this reason, we are not equipped with the tools necessary to tap into into that soul-code, or soul vision.  I think that's why we have so many unhappy people on our planet.

We are, instead, programmed by schooling and society into the 'rational' mould.  The mind and the intellect are valued above the heart and creativity (the voices of the soul).  But that lack of balance may well create distortions - if we take actions because we 'ought' to, because they are logical, rational, well-thought out, and balanced, we may be moving further away from our highest good, rather than closer to it.  Rational thinking has its place, but it's one voice in the choir: it's not the soloist.

As a result of this bias, so many people have taken on roles, jobs and even personalities that are not a true reflection of who we genuinely are.  They are just masks that represent who we think we should be in order to fit in, to be accepted, and to succeed.  But underneath the mask, there is anxiety, stress, pain and grief, quietly burbling away.  We have tried so hard to silence the whispers of our hearts that we have lost sight of who we truly are.   

I suspect that much of the culture around psychotherapy and coaching is based on the desire to find more balance between 'the Mask' and 'the Self'.  It's an attempt to learn, as adults, the tools we need to truly know ourselves.  If we have been taught to disregard the language of the heart, we forget how to communicate with our heart... we lose our connection to what we lights us up, what we truly love... Our heart and our creativity are the voice of the soul and without this exquisite voice singing in our choir, our lives are emptier.

*This point goes back to the idea of paradox as an underlying truth of our reality: we have free will to create almost any experience we choose, and yet we are also quietly nudged, or inspired, by our soul vision towards such experiences.  The more balance we can achieve between Head and Heart, the more gracefully we can have these experiences.  We don't get violently catapulted of into an unforeseen direction, but rather, the path delicately unfolds before us.

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