Thursday 9 September 2010

Notes to my unborn child: Willingess

To be honest, my dearest, I was surprised when this value popped up today.  It's definitely not one of the more common values we speak about, yet it does permeates our entire lives.

Willingness is rather like Acceptance but, for me, it has a much more dynamic energy to it.  Acceptance of what is, is a crucial life skill.  But Willingness asks us to whole-heartedly embrace that reality, to dance with it, to become a partner to what is, and create something even more splendid through the very act of dancing joyfully with reality.

What I have learnt about Willingness
I believe that I have spent too much of my time and energy wishing life were different.  It is only now, after four decades, that I am finally realising that I can disagree with reality all I like, I can fight it, I can even pray for reality to be different, but reality will always win!  Accepting what is, rather than rejecting it, is a crucial first step in living a life of joy and delight. 

The second step is Willingness.  For me, this is about embracing my reality; it is not about running from it, hiding from it or wishing it were different.  But diving into it and exploring the life circumstances in which I find myself.  Not pulling agasint them, but actively playing with them...

Willingness is a gateway to a different kind of experience where I can watersurf with the waves rather than exhaust myself swimming against them.

What I wish for you
For you, I wish that life is a dance.  That you embrace each moment you live fully.  The more whole-hearted your embrace, the greater the joy you will experience, as you live in the flow of life.

There are always experiences that we find challenging, but even then, if you can accept these moments and allow them to teach you, rather than wish they were over or pretend they aren't happening, you will have created a miracle.  You will have done the work of the Alchemist, turning coal into gold.

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