Friday 6 May 2011

Notes to my son: Destiny will find you

Dear James,

If there is one thing I would to pass on to you, it's that your destiny will find you.  From this moment on, stand in the full confidence of knowing that the tide of life will flow towards you, effortlessly and gracefully, if you do just on thing... follow your intuition.  Always decide with your heart, with your inner knowing.

Too many people live lives of quiet desolation because they have chosen with their minds; they have chosen the 'logical', the 'sane', or the 'sensible' option.  Life is too precious to be so bland and boring.  You, like each and every one of us, have come forth from the great expanse of the universe to this tiny planet, to this unique moment in time and it is a rich opportunity to touch, taste, see, hear, feel... to live life lusciously and abundantly.

Your inner knowing is the truest guide you have.  It will escort you on your path and bring you the opportunities that your soul envisioned when it chose to incarnate.  So be respectful of this inner knowing, of the quiet voice that nudges you gently but firmly. 

Grace and balance are at the very heart of this inner knowing. Sometimes it will take courage and you will be stretched to become more than you imagine you are capable of being; sometimes it will require patience and you will know that you must wait, even though you are fed up of waiting.  But always, it will bring you the greatest sense of well being, of knowing that you are living your life in the fullest way possible. 

So from the start, cultivate your inner knowing.  Discover if your inner knowing speaks to you in images, sounds, feelings, or words.  Become adept at listening quietly, deep inside, to discern your next step, for you can have no truer guide through life than the wisdom of your own soul.

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