Wednesday 4 May 2011

What my son teaches me

He's only 6 months old and perhaps that's why he's so wise: he hasn't begun to over think life.  Everything for him is simple, fresh and pure.  Seeing the world through his eyes reminds me how much fun there can be, if only I'd notice it.

So here are James' top three tips for a good life.... so far!

1. Love everyone
James hasn't yet met a person he doesn't like.  He's open to everyone, curious about what they are doing and interested when they talk to him.  As a result people respond to him joyfully.  For me, this begs the question - have I really become too busy to be warm and welcoming to others when our paths cross?

2.  Be passionate
Life is joyful when you're 6 months old!  But that's because he sees the joy in what he's doing.  His powers of concentration far outstrip mine.  He's constantly 'working' at the business of learning, nothing is spared from his quest for knowledge.  Such all consuming passion seems to fade as we get older.  But should it?  Am I on the wrong track if I'm not feeling excited, uplifted and passionate about what I'm doing?

3. Have fun
If it's not fun, James stops doing it!  He's not interested in being bored, he's always searching out something new to see, touch or taste!  He's more likely to exhaust himself through over stimulation than nod off in front of the tv!  It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, to become anesthetised by the familiar and lose my sense of fun and adventure.   Perhaps I should consider some small changes, just to bring back that heady sense of fun and adventure.

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