Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not only in my dreams

For years I have had a reoccuring nightmare.  My teeth loosen, crumble and fall out.  I am helpless to stop it in any way.  I have looked up the symbolic meaning of the dream because I find the dream deeply unsettling.  Apparently it's a sign of stress.

Last night I had the dream again.  My teeth loosened, and three were about to fall out.  I was with a dentist who hadn't done a proper check up and hadn't noticed the teeth.  I wiggled the teeth to show her,
"That's why you need to do a proper check up" I said.
"Ah, now I see," she replied. 
Now she was taking me seriously.

The scene changed.  Suddenly my teeth were perfect.  I wiggled them and they were all intact.  Solid.  In all the years I've had this dream, this is the first time it has ended positively.  I was elated.  When I woke, the dream was so real I checked my own teeth to make sure they were firmly embedded.

I take this sea change in my dream world as an indicator from my unconscious that a deep shift has occured within my psyche.  I put this down to my commitment to owning my thoughts and the consequences they create in my life.  In the dream, I have been powerless; I am no longer powerless.

In practice I don't know what to do about the negative quality of many of my thoughts, so I've been surrendering them to Archangel Michael, who dispells negative thoughts.  For me, this dream indicates that I'm going in the right direction...  And what happens in the unconscious eventually bubbles up to the surface: great changes are afoot!

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