Monday 25 June 2012

Love in action

What's my problem?  Well, not problem so much as my fault, failing or foible?  I was wondering how I could be a better wife today. 

Is it false modesty that I couldn't think of anything! Until I did think of something.  Forgiving imperfection...  Don't sweat the small stuff...  Or, more acurately, if I can't say something kind, don't say anything.

One thing I could do that would definitely enhance Dirk's quality of life is to stay quiet more often.  Do I really need to point out that he's put the bowls away in the wrong order again?  There are three reasons why this idea merits my consideration.

First, such small quirks are our personal 'imperfections'.  I have my own collection of quirks, would it not behove me to be as forgiving with his as he is with mine?  As I read today, 'perfection is achieved by accepting our imperfections'.
Second, who says my order is the 'right' order?
Third, telling him has not changed the order in which he puts them back anyway!  Surely it's wise to accept the things we cannot change.

This is a simple kindness, it's my love in action.

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