Monday 11 June 2012

The divine within

In esoteric circles it is taught that we are made in the image of 'God', rather than vice vearsa.  In recent times, it's been hard to see that connection, even if I believe it to be there.  Recently I've felt so far off track that I had to relaunch my search, so to speak.  I couldn't find the divine within at all.

So I have working with some angel cards I have to try to re-establish my connection.  To be honest, I didn't understand the readings.  I've had to go back over them several times but the insight appears to be this.  To reconnect with the divine within requires just two steps: the first, to acknowledge where we are honestly - this is my truth, right here, right now.  The second step is pay slightly more attention to whatever modicum of good we can find in our honest reality.

That has to be as unglamourous as the spiritual path can get: this is how it is, this is the bit that brings me joy.  Honest acceptance.  A little optimism, indicating that we trust that everything really is working out for our highest good, regardless of how we may judge our present circumstances.

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