Friday, 22 June 2018

Co-existence 2: The Divine Dance

There is no doubt that sharing a body with a higher dimensional being is a … unique … experience!  And perhaps one that cannot be easily imagined.  In an effort to break it down so that it is as clear as possible, we could divide the experience into two different aspects: the physical and the psycho-spiritual.

In this article I’d like to share what I remember of the physical changes during this time.  

The easiest way to describe it was like living life ‘large’; all my senses were expanded, my intuition was sharpened, my body was able to perform feats I could not even contemplate without divine intervention, and I had the privilege of seeing life with completely fresh eyes.

We, my friends and I, did not know how long this phenomenon would last, even now my sense of that time is so blurred that it may have been a week, it may have been ten days.  At some point, quite early in the process, we ascertained that this being’s name was Ashian. 

I had the strongest impression from Ashian that he had never been in physical form before.  He had never felt anything with his hands, for example, that is if he even had 'hands' as we think of them, at least.  So a great part of the adventure was allowing him to experience physicality through my body.    

My friends and I went for a walk, on the second day, and Ashian came along!  I could feel his emotions as if they were mine, yet I was also able to delineate between his feelings and mine.  When he saw a black cat sitting on a stone wall, lazing in the evening sun, his reaction was as innocent, free and excited as that of a two year old: he had to stroke the cat!  I could feel him almost straining in my body to get across to the cat as quickly as possible, such was his excitement to pet the cat!  The purity of his curiosity and joy is something that cannot be easily conveyed, rather like E.T., he was both extremely wise as well as endearingly pure and innocent.  

Later that evening, he saw a fire on the beach.  Someone had lit the fire for a BBQ; Ashian had never seen flames before, so he was curious!  ‘We’ went over so that he could see it up close, but that wasn’t enough, he wanted to feel it as well!  I held my hands out so that he could experience the heat warming my hands and I remember having to hold my hands back because he wanted to put my hands into the fire to feel it properly!  That was not going to happen on my watch!

On another occasion, we were in a cove and the only way back to the car was up a very steep hill.  At the time I was going to the gym, so I had developed some level of fitness, which is just as well, because his next ‘experiment’ would have killed me otherwise!  He decided to run up the hill to experience physical exertion.  

There is no way I could have sustained the speed and duration of that run of my own volition.  It will remain forever my peak physical experience, my personal Olympic gold moment!  I was tired afterwards, but not shattered, because so much of his energy was flooding through me; I was fitter, faster and more flexible because of his energy and recovery times were much shorter.

Indeed, I had boundless energy and barely slept at night.  I simply had no need of sleep.  I was, quite literally, high!

My subtle senses also opened up.  I was walking back from the lighthouse one day, and as I looked around me, everything and everyone was bathed in pink light, a subtle yet intense inner glow that shone from the divine spark of light bursting forth from each and every atom within.  When I looked down at my feet, I saw that I was walking on a wide carpet of pink light and my friend was walking on a carpet of olive green light.

In my next article, I will look at the psycho-spiritual expansions that happened at that time.

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