Thursday 5 July 2018

Co-existence 3

During this time, my subtle senses expanded incredibly.  I saw life in a completely new way.  It is as though we are jaded, numb to what is around us, and so we only see the 2D version of life, not the infinite serenade of free flowing, divine love that Existence is.

As my senses expanded, or became more sensitive, I discovered that everything around us is speaking to us.  It is all rather like a code – yes, the Matrix sprung to mind, even then!  

If I reached out my fingers to feel the wind, I heard the wind whisper a message of love.  If I sent my consciousness into the sea, it whispered a message of love.  Love is the essence of all that is around us.

Every leaf emits a signal, a vibe, an energy that speaks of love.  Each species of tree, each species of plant is constantly speaking to us, sharing their message of love, spreading their energy of love.  When bricks are made and laid with care, they too have a message of love to impart.  When concrete is poured and plastered, it is dead.  It has not been imbued with the spirit of love, and without love there is no life.  

The concrete jungle is not a jungle.  The jungle is an almost overwhelming symphony of love messages.  Cities numb us, wear us down and, ultimately, dehumanise us.  They strangle us by removing us from the resonance of love that every single aspect of nature shares with us.  Nature is constantly speaking with us, regardless of whether we hear the message or not.

The sky reminds us of love and freedom, and is accessible even in the cities.  The water we drink, speaks of love, of clarity, of forgiveness and rebirth.  It cleanses us and nourishes the divine within even more than it cleanses and nourishes us physically.

And yet, how much attention do we pay to the water we drink, the water we bathe in, the water we clean our cars with?  How often do we give thanks, gratitude or even just an acknowledgement that water is alive?  It is as alive as we are.  As alive as plants and animals, rocks and crystals.

On another occasion, my consciousness went into a cow, a sheep and a fish, simply by intending to align with these beings.  Suddenly, I was able to see life through their eyes.  I was lucky because these were animals that were out in nature, not in factory farms, the latter would have been excruciating.  

And here’s what I learnt: they were not thinking anything.  There was no thought going through their mind.  They were utterly still and present.  They were more present than I manage to be, even in meditation.  And they were focused on love.  The essence of who they were was love.  I could feel it swirling through them, in the same was as love fills our hearts.  

We humans are the most complicated and complicating beings on the face of the planet.  We have lost our inner compass, it has been – quite literally – beaten out of us.  But all of life, all of Life, moves to the energy of love.  It is simply that the rest of life is more present to love, more present to beingness, more present to spacious stillness than we are. 

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