Monday 23 July 2018

Channel - Archangel Michael. How breathing creates global change

My third channeling: it's exciting to think that something so basic and unconsious as breathing can be so deeply transformative when we make it conscious, though I've got to say, I keep forgetting to do just that. 

Greetings my beloved angel, it is I, AA Michael, your beloved friend and companion throughout these ages and lives.  And I am here with you again, in spirit, in soul, in heart, aligned with your vision and purpose, your mission and contract, to bring transformation to our dearest Gaia at this time of momentus change.

You have volunteered for this suit of service, for this challenge of the chalice to come here in this now moment and be the light of the way, to shine and transform through your very in breath and your out breath.  This is why we placed such emphasis on the breath.  You do it unconsciously, you are not present to it.  The more present to it that you become the greater the quotient of love you infuse it with.  Then you begin to enhance the transformation of your own body into a crystalline structure as well as the process of transformation which we see on dear, sweet Gaia at this time.   

Allow the breath to breathe you.  You do not have to be active in this process, indeed it  is better if you are passive, if you are the awakened observer, allowing the process to flow through you.  Then you are truly in partnership with us, using your form to anchor love and transformation on the planet in this now moment.

You will notice a theme in the words and channels that are coming through.  We are focusing on your being not your doing.  Yes, your doing is important, but dear brothers and sister of the human race, it is your penchant for busy-ness that is distracting you from the real process of life that is occurring around you at this time.  

We wish you to be more present, not fussing and rushing, but slow… conscious… aware… 

Let go and let God, is a saying and it is true.  The slower you are, the more space there is for the Divine to flow because it creates a vacuum of physical energy, which allows for an increase in divine energy through you.  Why do you think sleep is so refreshing?  It is not because you stopped your activity.  It is because you stopped your activity that the divine was able to infill you, infuse you, and it is that increase in divine energy that leaves you feeling so energised in the mornings.

Slower is not to be feared, as many do in your society.  Slower is … richer.  It is where the true wealth of this precious lifetime is found.  And it takes courage to slow down.  I know it does.  I see the fear so many have of appearing to be lazy, or unuseful, or having to face what lies within, if they slow down.  This is why meditation is such a useful first step.  It is a little packet of slow time, of divine infusion time. 

But, my dearest, kindest brothers and sisters.  Meditation is only a introduction.  It is only the first step, the jumping off point, the invitation to live a slower, more enriched life.  To infuse your life with divine.  Now, before you panic, this does not mean that you must quit your jobs.  On the contrary, it is most helpful if you continue your life, but become more aware, more present.  That awareness and presence slows your mind and your breathing, thereby creating a gateway, an internal portal, for divine love to flow more freely to you and through you.

This is all I have for you right now.  We thank you for your service and continued commitment.  We are in love and enraptured by your divine gifts to the planet and Gaia at this time.

With all our love and blessings.  Go gently sweet ones.

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