Sunday 6 January 2019

Divine Mother: In this new year, I walk alongside you

Good morning, my beloved children, on this the day of the Epiphany, when the three Wise Men visited my son, Yeshi, and anointed Him.  This was a special day for His father and I, because it was when we began to discuss more openly with each other who our new born might be and what His role in the world might be.  We were surprised to realise how similar our intuitions for Him were, and we were both aware that our first born would be a man of great import to the world.  

We were both aligned on how to bring Him up, and the values we felt it was important that He embody.  We knew that at some point, His journey would change from a private figure to a public figure, but on that day of the visit, we did not fully grasp all that this meant.

Embodying the Christ energy in this dense world is not easy and those who embody it are often hunted as much as they are revered.  

My precious children, on this day of anointment, I turn to you with the love of a Divine mother and anoint you in my sacred love, fuelling you for your Christ energy journey in the year to come.
On this day every year, the Christ energy in all beings, however minimal it may be, is cleansed, almost as if it is given a spring clean, and fortified.  It is blessed and you are blessed, so that the radiance of your true divinity may be amplified as it shines forth.  The day of the Epiphany is rather like a day of intense spiritual spring cleaning!  

The hosts of angels and the Company of Heaven, combine to blow away the dust of all the no longer serves each precious child, so that you may start the year in a clearer frame of mind and a more radiant state of being.  It is the end of a period of festivity, but it ends on the highest note, with the most sacred gifts we can give you: cleansing, purifying, amplifying your divine Christ self.

Never doubt that it is within you, or that it is not visible to the Divine eye, for every person is gifted with this inner Divine light.  Your journey through the year, and through life, is to become more aware of it, to allow it to guide you rather you forcing a path for yourself.

That is why we encourage you to meditate, because it reconnects you with the Divine within, the knowing within, the Christ within.  Its gentle, loving embrace and subtle knowing can guide you through life, a life where Being comes before Doing.  Where Being informs what is done.

There were so many times in my life as Yeshi’s mother that Josef and I did not know what to do next, how to guide Him or respond to something new that He had observed, that we had to become very dependent on Being.  We were often required to go within and connect with that Divine light within, so that our intuition, our Divine Mind, could gently reveal a hint of an answer.  It was just a subtle hint, nothing loud but a quiet idea floating at the back of our minds.  Then we would have the first step on the next path.

You and I are the same, my beloved children, the opportunities I had I have offered to you.  I know the path can be wearing, and that you can wish you could give up – riding a donkey when in labour was one such moment for me!  But keep coming back to me.  Keep going within and asking for peace, for inspiration, for fortitude, for patience, for healing, for love.  I have it all to share freely with you.

My beloved children, on this very special day, this day that marks the beginning of a new spiritual year, I embrace you as you set off on your next journey.  I will walk by your side for the next year, as I always do, and I ask only that you let me share your journey with you.  Tell me your joys, share your woes, ask me your questions.  I am here, journeying alongside you.  Always and forever.

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