Tuesday, 29 January 2019

How to increase our inner light: a personal experience

A few days ago I had a rather unusual meditation.  At the beginning, I was aware of how heavy and dense my physical body felt, so I chose to focus, as much as I could, on a vision of my Higher Self whom I perceive as extremely light, with an almost ghost-like quality.

Thoughts came and went, and I kept returning my focus to my Higher Self.  Towards the end of the meditation I realised that my body felt much more spacious, lighter and less solid.  As I looked within, I noticed that each cell seemed to have a light inside it.  

I was prompted to ask the lights to expand, and they did.  Then I was prompted to ask each light to shine like a radiant sun, which they did.  

Suddenly my body was filled with light, radiating across the galaxy.  I was told that in this state, healing and upgrades take place with far greater ease.  My body felt alive and regenerated, zinging with energy.  A few hours later, a persistent back ache returned.  I imagined my cells lighting up like little suns, and the ache disappeared immediately.

There are many ways to increase our light in order to further heal our bodies and upgrade our energy: as many ways as there are people.  This is our moment, the moment we knew would come, when we have the power to create the massive changes we seek by beginning within.  

In this new dimension, the subtle nudges of the soul are clearer and easier to notice.  We are each being nudged in a way that is perfectly aligned with our skills and soul journey.  The results we can achieve are nothing short of quantum change across the galaxy.

Note: This isn't a channel, but a personal experience that I thought might be helpful to share.  The more we can combine our ideas and experiences, the faster we can generate enthusiasm, change and, ultimately, Ascension.  With all my love, Jennifer 

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