Friday 2 August 2019

Divine Mother: There is Mastery in Forgiveness

My beloved children, I wish to bring forth a discussion on forgiveness today.  As you prepare for the final stages of the dark, it is imperative that you are equipped with the tools of the Light, so that you may manifest your highest personal destiny in this frequency and the highest potential for Gaia and Ascension for all.

There is Mastery in Forgiveness.  There is deep humility, and compassion.  Forgiveness is the road we walk when we have embraced and truly understood the flawed nature of the ego.  

When we are no longer pretending and we are no longer hiding, then we are owning our divine, sacred heritage within the lightness of the Divine.

It is only when we have cracked open the heart, and surrendered the illusions of the ego, that we are able to contemplate forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is for ourselves, as mortal beings, for I too had to walk this path in physical form.  There was much I knew, and there was much divine assistance, but I too had to stumble and fall.  It is the blessing and the learning of being in human form, to create and miscreate, to forgive and to recreate.

I wish to offer you a suggestion for the practice of forgiveness, because it can be hard to know what to do to engage the energy of forgiveness in a practical, every day way.  

I suggest that while this method is to provide assistance with the enormous wave of mass-forgiveness that is required at this time, it can also be adapted for personal use.

It is but two sentences long:

May all who ………(action to be forgiven, eg steal, murder, betray)……… experience forgiveness.
May all who have been ……(the victim of eg stealing, murder betrayal)….. experience forgiveness.

You are blessing both sides of the action, for very often –if not always – the perpetrator has been the victim first; so, both sides are worthy and deserving of the experience of forgiveness.  

It is not just the perpetrator who may feel guilt and self-betrayal.  So often the victim also suffers from feelings of guilt, fear and self-betrayal, which lie hidden beneath the pain they experienced. This formula will help them to release these feelings, finding healing and wholeness much more rapidly.

May I also suggest that when you repeat these phrases, which you may do multiple times, you pay attention to your heart space.  Does it expand and feel lighter?  Or does it contract?  

When it expands, your forgiveness is freely, wholly given and will be fully received and integrated in divine timing.  

When your heart feels hardened or contracted, this is not the issue for you to invoke forgiveness for others, for there is still wounding within you that is holding you back.  

In these instances, tend to your dear sweet self first.  Repeat softly ‘May I experience complete forgiveness across all bodies and timelines.’  This will gently wash away the pain that blocks your heart and heal the wound that has been inflicted upon you.  

While you are doing this, you may offer forgiveness to others in different circumstances that do not trigger your pain; you may focus on circumstances where you heart opens in compassion and expands freely when the forgiveness is invoked.  

I ask this service of you, with all the love a mother can shower on her most beloved, cherished child, forgive yourself.  It will change your life and the lives of those around you.

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  1. Thank you...I needed to hear this to feel Exactly what you're talking about. Give me time..j am trying...