Monday 30 September 2019

Blue Sphere: Relax

How many of you are trying so hard, that you are getting in your own way?

We suggest that it is possible that being fixed, or fixated in some cases, on a specific outcome is seldom helpful.  Whether that outcome is ascension or first contact, making money or mastering a skill matters not.

The means are the end.  This life is a journey, it is a process of unfoldment, of opening up to the divine within.  Should you become side-tracked by spiritual gifts, or reval monies, or gaining a reputation as a spiritual disciple/teacher, you are missing the point: the journey is the process.  The process is All That Is.

We suggest: Relax.   

Take a deep breath in… and then release it.

And now another deep inhalation….  And release it

And a final inhalation… and release it.

Breathing is an excellent example of living in the present, of relaxing and trusting that the process will carry you where you are meant to be.  You cannot save oxygen in case you might experience lack in the future.  You cannot breathe twice simultaneously to save time later.

Try not too hard.  Desires are like stones on the path, or if it is an obsession, bricks in a wall, that slow you down.  Trying to get something is very different from being something.  

Relax and return to basics; to the expansion of compassion towards your sweet self.  Expand into forgiveness towards others, relax into acceptance at what cannot be changed, fall into laughter when you notice yourself wanting something.  

Allow yourself to melt into the process, so that the way you feel now, your presence, your awareness, your love, your laughter is what matters.

All the rest will follow in a way that uplifts and supports the highest good.  The shortest path to any destination is the breath you are taking now.  Fill this with your presence, and we are with you; whether you feel us or not.

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful words. I am finding such freedom in living in the moment. It is not nearly as complicated as what was or what might be. Thank you, Amen and Om