Friday 11 October 2019

Divine Mother: You are a genius

You are a genius.  Every one of you was born with a seed of genius within.  The word has been distorted, stolen by an elite to protect their small circle.  But the reality is, every child of mine was born with a unique genius that you brought to share with the planet, in order to create heaven on earth.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle.  Each piece is unique.  Each one of you is also unique and without your unique genius, the puzzle would not be complete.

As you surrender time, by focusing instead on the inner flow of your intuition - your ‘small voice’, your inner knowing - you release yourself from the 3D paradigm, from the 3D framework, that is now almost completely crumbled.

To follow your intuition takes courage, but it is wiser than your ego-self.  Your intuition lifts you out of time and into the fourth and fifth dimensions, where your genius becomes evident. 

It is not found in a checklist or a process of elimination.  It is presents itself to you, wrapped in joy and delight.  Follow that joy and delight: where does it lead you?

Then let your genius step forward to greet you, one step at the time, dancing with joy beyond the framework of the 3D.

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