Friday 20 December 2019

Divine Mother: A completely new beginning

Do not confuse healing with alignment.  Healing implies that there is something wrong, something mutated or infected, a distortion that needs to be corrected.  

Alignment, on the other hand, is about direction.  Alignment takes as its staring point, that you are already perfect, it is just that you are looking in the wrong direction.  

In these end times, please do not mistake any physical symptoms you may experience, whatever label they are given, as a distortion.  Please, I sincerely ask of you, not to fall into fear, blame, shame, or confusion.  

Everything that you are currently experiencing in your physicality is Not because you are distorted.  It is because you are coming into alignment, so that you are fully facing the rising sun, and so that, on seeing the rising sun, you may melt into it and become one with it.

Yes, you may of course pursue the health of your bodies and minds, but I ask you to undertake that with a heart that is free and clear, a heart that embraces the knowingness of your perfection, a heart that realises that this last segment of the journey is your interdimensional, multi-dimensional alignment with All That Is.

This alignment, though intricate is subtle; although deep, it is done in the most sensitive, well-considered manner, in agreement with All That Is and your Higher Self.  It is a process of immense grace and when you are able to muster even the smallest droplet of grace, of genuine trust, of acceptance and surrender, your alignment is greatly magnified.

This is the final stage, my dearest, beloved, bravest children.  You are doing it.  You have done it.  I have seen into every one of your hearts and I know the trust and radiant beauty of each one of you, my precious light holders.

You are almost here, almost arrived and fully aligned, bringing your still slumbering brothers and sisters with you.  There is nothing but gratitude and love, praise and thanksgiving, for the journey you have undertaken.

This is the season of birth and celebration, of new beginnings; it is a season that marks, in the Christian world, a completely new beginning based on truth and forgiveness, compassion and love.  

My blessing to each and every one of you is that your new beginnings become manifest before your very eyes, as the sun rises to greet You.

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