Thursday 9 April 2020

Yeshi: This is Our Rebirth

Dear brothers and sisters, you are one with me in all ways… This weekend brings the culmination of much work on many sides of the veil.  

You personally have worked tirelessly to come to this moment.  You have looked deep within to find all that needs to be healed and transformed, in the knowing that by doing this work within, you create change on the outside.

There are many worries and rumours of what this weekend will bring, as well as fear does not enhance any dimension or paradigm.  Rest assured that the greatest clearout is happening and you will be all informed of this in a very short time.

A word to those, or about those, who are new to this ascension project.  When I came, it was to show you the light that burns radiantly within YOU.  This was and is your divine fire, your divine essence. Initially, people saw that they are the divine, a message that was widely embraced in my lifetime and thereafter.  

Later it was corrupted, you were told that you had to go a ‘Father’ and this had to be done ‘through me’.  This was never my message.  

You are as radiant as I, you are as radiant as the Divine.  It is all within you, waiting for the shift of the ages, for you to come full circle and understand truly that the ‘Second Coming’ is not of a brother to his brothers and sisters, or a ‘God’ to ‘his people’.  It is the awakening of the fullest knowing that You are the Divine.  You are the one you have waiting for, the one you have been practicing to meet, seeking to know.

This weekend, as at every Easter, that divine spark is amplified within you, so that you are closer to this knowingness than you have ever been.  

This Easter, great changes will be revealed, but none of them can compare to the exceptional luminance that now radiates from the souls of the light and from Gaia herself.

Your tipping point is past.  You are manifesting, actively manifesting, Heaven on Earth, Living Divinity, in this now moment, in this new period.

Feel into what resonates as truth for you; allow the knowingness to enfold you and enwrap you.  Allow for the deepest merging of energies that you have yet experienced to free the sweetness of your divine essence into your full awareness.

Consider the conscious creation of your new Now moment.  Time is changing, it is melting.  Timelessness is emerging.  Miracles are more possible; intend for them, seek them, notice them. 
You are in the ‘between times’, learning to use new skills and opening up to ever greater expansion and divine expression.  Have fun!  Be creative!  Let your joy be your goal, your trusty guide.  

When you are in joy, you are in me, we are united in conscious divinity.  How wonderful!  We are coming together more rapidly and with greater awareness… savour this return journey and allow your peace, your love, your forgiveness to expand outwards to all; that is living the message of Easter and rebirth.

This is not my rebirth, this is Our Rebirth.  Together.


  1. Beautiful! Really rings of authenticity!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate that enormously. Sending you love and blessings