Tuesday 28 April 2020

Divine Mother - Love in the Shadows

My dearest children, there is not one of you who has not been deeply hurt.  There is not one of you who is free of the scars of a human lifetime.  

The Earth School has been a brutal learning ground; a place where each one of you has been brought to your knees so that you would be forced to turn within to discover your inner healer, your divine source, your eternally free, pure and liberated Self.

For every victim, there is a transgressor.  For every right taken, for every blow inflicted, for every abuse perpetrated, there was a perpetrator.  The children of mine who perform these actions are among the most bruised and wounded of my children.  

They have sought to hide their pain - from others and themselves - by lashing out, by taking what they seek for themselves, not realising that this leaves them feeling even more hollow and alone than they were before.

You, my dearest children, are deeply loved and cherished by me.  There is nothing I haven’t seen.  There is nothing I haven’t already forgiven.  You are forgiven by me, for I know the agony, the shame and the fear you are trying to bury.   

You are not lost.  

You are not invisible or forgotten.  

You are constantly present in my heart, every minute of every day; in the vast timelessness of Divine Love you are nourished and nurtured within me. 

I sit in vigil, constantly by your side, awaiting the awakening with you, the moment when the fear is finally dissolved, when you can take the pain of the shadow no more and you surrender, crumbling inside as the pain flows through you.  

This is the moment that must occur in every soul journey.  The Turning Point.  The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love. 

You fear that you are too bad, too sinning, too violent to be acceptable and lovable, to be forgiven.  Indeed, your shame may be so great that you fear asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt. 
Turn first to me.  You are already forgiven.  I have seen it all.  I have experienced every moment of it and you are already forgiven.  I have waited for you so long, I have yearned to share my unquestioning, unwavering love with you since forever.

You are now home.  Together, we will heal the fear, the scars of agony that you tried to avoid.  Together we will make good the fear, the pain and the agony that you forced on others.  There is only acceptance here.  

I know your journey intimately.  I knew it before you even began, so nothing is a surprise to me.  Nothing shocks me.  Nothing is beyond my ability to love and heal.  It is all within me.  Everything is Me, both the shadow and the light.

So, come to Me.  Rest in me.  Surrender your pain and shame to Me.  Let me heal you, even when you fear you are unworthy of healing.  

Every child of mine is worthy and deserving of my love, because every single child of mine is a part of me.

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