Friday 9 October 2020

Sula: Be you. Be honest. Be imperfect.

Sula:  Be you.  Be honest.  Be open.  Be imperfect.    

Authenticity and integrity are of great importance at present.  

When the illusion falls apart, when the glossy paint is chipped and everyone finally sees that behind the fa├žade there was so much ugliness and pain, your honesty will become very important. 

No one has it all together at present.  What true leaders do have is a lack of glossy paint.  They are not a perfect image, they are a perfect heart.

A perfect heart is not a heart that has never been hurt, offended or broken.  A perfect heart is a heart that has been torn apart by life and, rather than becoming hardened, it has softened. 

A perfect heart allows its scars to be its beauty.  It allows its despair to create its compassion. 

A perfect heart embraces honesty over appearance, it values compassion and forgiveness over preaching.

None of you need to be perfect. 

The degree to which you can own your journey is the degree to which you have achieved self-mastery.  If you can have compassion for yourself, forgiveness for yourself, then you have compassion and forgiveness to share with others.

Nothing matters more than how you treat yourselves and how you treat others.  When you honour your journey, you move into acceptance of others and their journeys.

As the walls continue to crumble on the inner realms, the true story of your planet will emerge in the outer realms.  This will devastate many, and there will be nothing you can say that can take away their shock and pain.

This is the dark night of the soul that humanity must pass through, a collective rite of passage.

What you can do is to be a light in the darkness.  Because you have already walked this path, you know the pain, the despair, the incredulity.  You can listen to these extremely uncomfortable emotions without judgment or fear.   

Your ability to honour the pain of humanity – whether it is just one or two family members or many more – will create the healing that bridges the 3D into the 5D.

At a certain point, humanity’s focus will move from the pain and shock of the past to healing the present and creating the future, a new future that holds the codes of heaven on earth. 

You are the pioneers, the teachers, the super heroes of your times.

As the veils fall, your respective strengths will emerge organically.  You will know how you can best contribute to the emotional and spiritual clearing, as well as the physical rebirth and recreation of a new society built on love, joy, creativity, self expression. 

You are soon to witness the birth of human kind into the new age. 

J: Thank you Sula.  So, in preparation, what can we do right now?

S: Find in your heart that injury that you cannot forgive.  The person that you pretend you have forgiven, but you know that you have not.; the event that you would never wish to experience again, ever.

That is your advanced learning curriculum.   

Forgive yourself for being in that situation.  Send love and compassion to that ‘you’, in that moment, in the aftermath.  Keeping affirming that your presence in that moment of your life was fulfilling a higher purpose, even if you did not understand it at the time. 

Remain steadfast in bringing love, forgiveness and gentleness to your sweet, precious self in that moment. 

Eventually, without even trying, you will notice that you can extend that love and compassion, that gentleness and forgiveness, to the other people who choreographed that drama with you.

J: So an easy assignment then!

S: Not easy, but simple. 

All of life is simple.

It is the expression of love in her many different forms. 

J: Yes, I really do get, after decades on the path, that it is truly all about love and expanding love in the tiny moments of our lives, as best we can.

S: Yes, as best you can.  There is no perfection.  There is compassionate dedication.

J: Many thanks Sula.