Friday 30 October 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Your work after the Big Step

J: Well, you threw that in at the last minute!  Can you explain what you mean when you say that after the Big Step, Light workers will be doing “more of the same”?

A: Dear hearts, we would be delighted to discuss this further. 

The role of Light workers on this planet, at this time, is that of alchemising the darkness that has been driven so deep into the ground, so deep into your psyches, so deep into your bodies that it is even calcified in your bones.

Transforming darkness into light, that is what you do.

That role will not change but… a child in school learns that maths is 2+2=4 and then they move on to very complex maths when they are in university, like Euler’s Identity. They are always learning about maths - even if the nuance and expression of it changes so as to become unrecognisable - the fundamental process, the revealing of mathematical universal truths, is always the same.

So too it is with Light workers: you are revealing the light.  We could break this process down into three aspects:

1.      1. Clear the darkness

2.      2. Expand the light, through the expression of your authentic self and the exploration of your deepest joys and talents

3.      3. Provide tools that assist others to amplify the light

These three aspects flow differently through each light worker, and each one of you holds a different balance which changes over time.  For example, most of you are currently deeply in the process of clearing the darkness.  Society, through its current accelerated awakening, is moving into the expansion of its light as more people are beginning to express their authentic selves.

As Gaia moves beyond the clearing, cleansing process, as the light on your planet increases because the darkness has been alchemised, you will see the Golden Age emerge more.  As you expression of your deepest joys and talents, as you share this vibration and these tools, you will create exponential light, expressing more directly, the ever expanding joy/love/truth of divine source energy consciousness.

J: It seems obvious when you say it like that!

A: Because it is!  Its simplicity is its elegance.  But as will all things, simple is not always easy; yet both simplicity and clarity are good indicators of Truth.

J: There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask, I get lots of joint pains and bone pain.  Are these symptoms, like ‘ascenion flu’, part of the clearing of the darker energies from our bones

A: Yes, these are energies that have been, quite literally, drilled into humanity through the millennia since the last Golden Age.  These untruths have taken on physical density, carbonised within humans and within Gaia herself. 

The movement from carbon to crystalline is the shedding of that darkness, that carbonised, internalised distortion.  You have always had access to your light, as that is your Truth, your divine essence, but it has been well hidden from you.  

Imagine that you were a great light and that light was reflected back at you, to blind you... your power was used against you, literally blinding you to your own light.  Now that you are in the ascension process, you are alchemising the darkness, the heaviness and your light, your divinity, is once again becoming obvious to you and to all.

J: Thanks Ashian. It seems like you’re on a roll today!  I want to stop there because I feel like you’re going to overwhelm me with information I can’t understand: you just brought me to a thing called Euler’s Identity!  Enough for now!

A: Indeed!  Thank you.

J: It’s my poor little brain’s pleasure!

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