Friday 20 November 2020

Cmdr Ashian: The Schumann Resonance and December 21st

Ashian: We are grateful for this wise question about the Schumann Resonance.  You may understand the Schumann Resonance as the degree to which individuals and society are receptive to love or blocking love.

Yes, it is true that the vast majority of humanity’s population is uncomfortable a certain frequency (8Hz) this is because the wounds and scaring that they carry within them, from this life and previous lives as well as ancestral wounding carried forward, limits their ability to feel love.  Love is uncomfortable to them.  There is a certain quality of love, mixed with anger, fear, manipulation, suspicion and many other forms of wounded love that they are comfortable with, simply because they are familiar with that pattern of love, it has been – almost – hardwired into them.

Those of you on the spiritual path, who have been working on healing your inner wounds, releasing you limited ideas of who you are and what you are capable of, have a far greater capacity to experience a more refined, less distorted, vibration of love.  It is for this reason that your friend is more comfortable when the Schumann Resonance increases.

In response to her question about raising the frequency on and after December 21st, let us clarify that the resonance is constantly being raised, otherwise it would not be capable of peaking in the way it currently is, from time to time.  Those moments of emotional cohesion are created by group meditations, pure intent and a predisposition within Gaia’s space time particularities that lends more to quantum physics (which in itself is truly only an exponentially rarefied resonance of love) than can be conveyed through our channel.

J: That’s interesting and a lovely way of framing it, that I’m not sure I had heard of before.  I want to flag that I have some fear about where you are going next and this channel’s ability to not distort predictions of the future.

A: Why don’t you relax and just let it flow.  Then see assess how you feel when you have traveled through the words instead of fearing the visions you are currently receiving.

J: Excellent idea.  Very grounded of you!

A: We try!  The Harmonic Convergence of December 21st will bring together a quantum energy ‘bubble’ around Gaia herself and all who live in and upon her.  It will be the collapsing of space time continuum that is on its last legs as we speak.  This moment will be held in loving consciousness by all the Galactics charged with Gaia’s Ascension, which will naturally add a great deal of loving harmonic resonance to the event.

The result of this will be a spike in the Schumann Resonance, and thereafter a fall as the harmonic resonance or vibration that it will create within each person can be experienced as a ‘love orgasm’ which then shatters the sense of self as you previously understood yourself, as well as all the scars that were holding your emotional suit of armour together.  For that reason, you are likely to see great variation in the field of resonance.  It is our intention that this will stabilise at a higher average frequency than previously.

Now, was that so bad?

J: I’ll let you know on Dec 22nd!  Issuing predictions is very risky business.

A: It will take longer than a day for this to play out.  It will take closer to a decade for what is about to happen to stabilise on your planet.  That does not mean that there will be a decade of chaos, but it does mean that there will be a decade of soul-searching, re-visioning and re-creating.  It cannot be otherwise, you have traveled as far as you can down the path you are on, without mass destruction.

J: There’s a cheery thought!

A: Truly, Jennifer, embrace this decade.  It is like the first decade in a child’s life; there is never so much exploration, creativity and change in life as there is in that exhilarating first decade.  Truly it is an hour to be in form during this period, it is an unimaginable honour.

J: Thanks Ashian, I think we will leave it there for today, on a wonderfully high-love note!

A: Yes, it is our pleasure.

Jennifer’s note: I have personally thought that, like December 21st 2012, most of the experience will seem to bypass us physically.  Ashian would beg to differ!  He seems to see it as vital that it is felt, but what is not clear is whether that is felt by a higher or more subtle version of ourselves and then trickles down to our mental, emotional and physical bodies, or whether we really do physically feel it.  And as for whether or not it’s on December 21st, 2020… well, I personally won’t even go there!

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