Wednesday 4 November 2020

Xiaera: Become the Leaders You Have Been Waiting For

X: You are entering choppy waters, waters that will only get more intense and more unrestful.  

There is a lot of simmering hatred and personal discomfort not far from the surface.  Intense pain is surfacing in the collective and many lack the awareness and the skills to deal with this inner terrorism.  People are too upset to look at themselves with honesty and are too unloved to feel compassion for the lives they have lived.

Your role, that of all Light Workers, is to hold the light in these times.  Emotions will explode like unexpected volcanoes, from unexpected sources and at unexpected times.  The energies will swirl it may look as though there is no clear leadership, personally, nationally or globally. 

You are your own leaders.  Become the leaders you have been waiting for, because you are the leaders you have been waiting for... Those of you who came here for this time, you know it in your hearts.   

You are the Lighthouses.  It is your calm, your patience, your forgiveness, your compassion that will ensure that potential turmoil is passed through with  greater ease and grace than others, with less loving intentions, would wish.

All that you have learnt, throughout you entire lives, has been to bring you to this moment of leadership.  By holding your centre, you demonstrate inner leadership and moral courage.  That singular vibration will attract others to you; they see in you the qualities they wish to develop in themselves. 

You are coming into the period where your moral guardianship, your leadership – however quiet, however modest you may feel that to be – is required. 

This is the time you were born for.  This is why you are here.  This is your moment.

J: Do you see the US moving into melt down?

X: That is not how we would choose to perceive it.  We see many energy streams colliding, we see the greatest catharsis that has been known… We honour the cleansing, and we are ceaseless in our mission to hold every soul in light ... to project healing and peace to Every Single Soul incarnate at this present time. 

There is not one of you, not a single person, who is not attended by a team of higher vibrational …

J: I want to say associates, would that work?

X: We would say brothers and sisters, for the connection is that close, the bonds are that deep, and the love is that visceral. 

You do not remember us, that is expected.  We can appreciate it is difficult for you, as you feel you are alone, but you never are: call on us, and we are there. 

You may sense us as you fall asleep, or awaken.  You can feel our wisdom and love very often, but you dismiss it.

Every loving thought deserves attention and nourishment.  We are here to amplify your love, to help you access the right words and actions at the right time.  We cheer you on as you step into the next phase of your assignments on Earth.

The waiting is over.  You are all actively serving your divine purpose, whether you feel it or not.  Focus on accepting your power, the divine love that flows through you: the more you can accept, the greater change you can create and the sooner you begin to see miracles sprouting around you, in the most unexpected places.

J: Thank you so much Xiaera, you are always so uplifting.

X: We are here to reflect your magnificence to you.  It is our joy.  And soon, we believe, yours.

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